Dragonforce’s End of Tour Show at the Culture Room did not Disappoint!

I was at the Dragonforce/ Once Human tour ending show last night where the bands were playing pranks on each other. The singer for Dragonforce was duped into having a long dildo strapped to his microphone right before one of the songs started.

I say duped because once you’re in the spotlight you really can’t go backstage and change pics or it looks bad. He took it like a man, no pun intended.

His vocals however, were top notch. Clean, pristine vocals throughout every song. He looked a like a true dragon slayer up there especially when we were all chanting along with him “hey!, hey!, hey!” It was a blast.


Once Human

The opening band was a band called Once Human. They are fronted by a very aggressive vocalist who turned to be rather awesome to listen to. I had watched a part of their video but to see them live was another world altogether. They totally brought it. I felt right at home right from the beginning.

She tore it up, while the rest of the band delivered on all fronts. I said she, yes, she was a powerhouse of a voice to say the least. I wanna say death metal but you never know what the band actually considers themselves until you ask one of the band members so forgive me if I got the genre wrong.

Nonetheless, its still heavy metal any way you look at it. Heavy AF.



Next up was Dragonforce. I have never seen Dragonforce nor have I even listened to an entire album up until last month. Somehow I came across their tour and immediately put them on Spotify since I had been wanting to explore their sound for awhile.

I immediately connected with the songs and the lyrics and it was a phenomenal show. It was better than the Metallica show I attended a few weeks back and even better than the Yngwie Malmsteen show before that!

Seriously, this band kicks some serious ass. I think the main reason they came across as such a great band is teamwork. They worked the stage really well and did it in a way that complimented their music.

They played songs from different albums as well as their latest album. “Cry Thunder” was played. “Fury of the Storm” was played and so were other great songs. I have like 20 videos and about 15 pics.

They truly did not disappoint.

If you haven’t heard Dragonforce, look them up. All virtuoso band, with a sound that kicks ass. Fast, in your face, take you away to a faraway place type of sound. I was truly impressed.

Check them out and may the force of the Dragon be with you…