Don’t Be a Ghost

Don’t be a ghost, someone who is afraid to put up videos, afraid to put yourself out there. Again…don’t be a ghost.

You can’t see a ghost. If you are a ghost, nobody can see you. They especially can’t see you’re playing. Stop sitting in your bedroom all the time. Get out and play or start shooting some videos of yourself.

If you don’t, you simply don’t exist. You’re not on the radar. You need to get into the mindset that you already are, or will be a great player.

It’s a matter of being seen and of being heard. Ghosts are invisible. You cannot see them. Nobody sees you right now because you’re hiding behind your full time job. Or behind your cover songs. Let the real you come out. Let that player in you shine through.

You’re better than that

I was in a band where no one wanted to play live except yours truly. I didn’t care what people thought. But they did. They were scared to death of playing on a stage. That would mean they would have to work harder and practice more, and meet up more often. But no, they didn’t want to do it. This was a surefire way to failure. That band doesn’t exist anymore. But I do.

I’m still here cranking out articles, videos and songs. You should do the same.

It doesnt matter if you don’t play well yet or if you feel like you aren’t good enough. It’s just a thought. Its just a mindset shift that you have to do. All you have to do is flip it. Reverse your thoughts. Change the channel in your mind. Put on a good channel.

This band broke up but it was a good thing, because I needed to get away from this mentality. I needed to get away from these people. If that’s you, you need to start making videos or at least mp3 recordings of your playing and show it to somebody or let them listen to your playing even if its in your inner circle.

Even if its just your best friend. So many people have close friends around them and when I ask them about their playing, they tell me they’ve never heard them play. This is sad in my opinion. Fear rules their lives.


YouTube can be a scary place but you need to create your identity so that people can feel you out. So that people can hear you. You need to stop playing covers (all the time). We’ve already heard what these players had to say and truthfully I don’t want to hear you play any covers, I have Spotify for that.

I hate to be the bad guy here but I really don’t know who you are if you’re always playing covers never trying to be yourself on the guitar. It was built for you to express yourself, not to repeat someone else’s expression and bring back the 80s. Write a damn song and own it.

You’ve  gotta think freedom. You’ve gotta let people see the true you. Right now you are afraid.

You’re free to create. You were born to create.

Don’t be a ghost.

Going Back

Think back to when you started playing guitar and why you started playing. It’s because you heard a cool riff or its because you heard a cool solo. You fell in love with the music because the person was being genuine. They were being honest and true to themselves.

Who they were at that particular moment in time resonated with you. You related to it in that you feel the same way they did. Thats what came across to you and so if you just be yourself and express yourself, you’re going to find someone else who likes and feels the same way you do.

You will find someone who likes you’re playing, your melody or your song. I believe that it’s your purpose to show and share what you like or what you feel by playing the guitar and writing riffs and songs.

The classical way of playing is to play composed music. The problem I have with this is that they aren’t playing music that they created but are just repeating a moment in time. If this is all they do then I have a problem with that but if its not and they (also) play some of their own stuff and try their hand at composing then thats okay with me.


At the end of the day I don’t know these people as musicians but as vessels. They simply didn’t write the music. A real musician to me is someone who writes their own songs. Someone who always plays other people’s creations is just an employee. They are ghosts, nobody knows them by their first name. Everyone knows the song, but no one knows the player.

I’m grateful for the music they play because I love listening to it, but when I listen to it I think of the person who wrote it. So if I’m listening to Beethoven, I have no idea of who the musician is, all I’m thinking is Beethoven.

Do you get my point? The person who is playing is sort of like cheating himself. Call this controversial but that’s just the way I see it. In the classical world, this happens all too often. If I listen to the latest Piano album that came out I’m thinking Mozart, or Shostakovich, or Tchaikovsky, or Chopin. I have no idea, nor do I have even the slightest interest in the one playing the music.


They are copycats. Living off of someone else’s music. This is fine if thats what you want to do, you’re just not a true musician in my book. You are afraid to be you. You are a ghost. No one knows your name.

Ultimately, I’m talking about not being a ghost. Stop being afraid of what other people are going to say. This is the most disastrous thing you can do for yourself. You can really experience what it’s like to be a real musician by sharing (your) ideas. By picking up your guitar every day and not giving up you are on the right path.

Anyone who gives up is a ghost. It’s a simple as that. You either play or you don’t play. There’s 2 kinds of guitarists in this life. Those who live the life they want… and those that don’t.

Which one is it gonna be?