Start By Giving a Fuck About Yourself

Start giving a fuck. About you, yourself and you again. There is no one more important than you. There is no one more important than you at this moment. At this moment in time. Cut yourself some slack. You deserve it. Go out and focus on you and all will be well. If you focus on you, you can then focus on the game, on others and your army. You need to be an example. Fuck depression. Take the bull by its horns and bend them to your will.

The spiritual life says to put others first. This does NOT mean to not take care of yourself. How can you put others first if you haven’t gotten out of bed and done your daily chores yet? Its impossible. You need to get up from your bed right now, eat well, work out if thats what you like to do…and then go and kick ass.

If you dont go to work, (putting yourself first), or act on your dream (putting yourself first) when you go help others they won’t even want your help. You will most likely be ineffective. So do you first.


Frozen Rage


Depression aka “frozen rage” will keep you frozen because you actually give a fuck about things not working out so you stop giving it 100 percent. When you truly give a fuck about something you put your heart mind and soul into it. When you don’t, you become depressed. So the antidote is simple. Act on your dream. The closer you get to your dream or the more you think about it the more depression is going to want to cave in on you.

Right now your heart is as cold as ice. It’s black and rough to the touch. You can’t seem to love because you’re in the darkness, you’re in the hole that you most definitely want to climb out of. You CAN. If you’re a young hustler and you want to become a man there is a path you must take.

Fuck the doubts 

Everyone around you will doubt you. This will take you even deeper into a hole if you’re not careful. This is the moment for you to drop your balls, get mad and get out of the house with a pad and paper and write down what you WANT out of life. Go to a coffee shop where you are all alone with your thoughts. Take a few deep breaths.

Ask yourself…What is it that you WANT? Just start writing even if it doesn’t make any sense right now. You might not be as in tune with your thoughts as you thought you were. Keep writing. Write about what you WANT every day. The more you write and think about what you want the clearer you’ll become and the more confident you’ll feel about your dream, goal or whatever you want to call it.

How do I know? I know because I’ve done this many times over and the more I write the clearer I become about every area of my life. Try it. I also know because its not just me that this has worked for. Its worked for every successful person I’ve ever come across either online or off. It works because meditation works. It works because once your pen touches the paper and begins to write words about what you want and how you feel, your brain will make a connection that is much, much stronger than just thinking about what you want.

If you just think about what you want its still a thought. If you write down what you want its now concrete. Its now a thing. Thoughts are things said Napoleon Hill. Now that they are on paper, they are clearer. They are more life-like and possible.

Stop doubting yourself and start loving yourself. If you are in fear, its only because you lack faith. Have faith that you will conquer your goals and get out of the funk you are in. Isn’t worth at least a try?


Be an Artist


Treat your goals like a piece of ART. Write it in nice letters. Color them. Put stickers on them. Put pictures on the pages. Buy a journal and keep them in there. Put a document on your desktop and leave it open in big bold letters. Add some pictures to those things you want. These are called GOALS. It doesnt matter if they are materialistic or not. Just keep writing.

What I mean by being an artist is to paint the canvas of your life with colors. Make your dreams and goals vivid. Look at pictures and get ideas from them. Everyone around you will think you are crazy, and hey they may be right, but its crazy NOT to go after what you want. Your desires are in you for a reason. Theres a reason you want what you want. Imagine the end goal. Imagine yourself standing at the finish line, on the other side of victory. What does it look like? What do you look like? Im no expert Im just trying to motivate you to get up off your depressed aass and start kicking some ass instead of whining like a wino all the time saying poor me, poor me, pour me a drink.

Which brings me to drugs and alcohol.. Are you depressed and using drugs or alcohol? Do you think this will help you? You are absolutely incorrect if you do. You should be ashamed of yourself to think such a thought. Alcohol and drugs kill people on a daily basis. I read somewhere that drinking and using drugs so much is like committing suicide….just very, very, very slowly.


SAFE People

Safe people? Wtf? What does this mean? This means you shut up about your problems and you start moving your body. Do not stay thinking, do not over think. Crawl out of bed if you have to. Skip some of your daily chores, be nice to yourself and do the bare minimum for now until you start to feel better. Safe people are people that you can TRUST one hundred percent not to judge you. You’re gonna have to get around someone who doesnt judge you. You know who that person is. Call them right now. Stop reading this and call them right this very minute. To be depressed for another 60 seconds is 60 seconds too long.

Take it from a whining professional like myself. I whined and whined and whined and then I blamed and blamed and blamed everyone else but me. I pointed the finger at everyone else. I got so tired of pointing fingers that I couldn’t hold it up anymore. The fingers were all pointing to mirrors of myself. If you are pointing the finger at someone, you probably see something in yourself that is bothering you. You are really just pointing at you.

So get out and start talking to SAFE” people. I was at my suicidal thoughts days. I was at the end of my rope. Thats when I called. I called this number called the suicide help line. They directed me in the right direction. Today I have many people I can call within an instant. I have many new acquaintances and friends that relate to what I go through. I am much better now. In fact I’m doing so good Im not going after my dream. Im going after all of them. I take action on them every single mother fucking day.

So don’t give a fuck anymore. Don’t give a fuck that you’re depressed.

Instead say this:

“Im depressed but I don’t give a fuck.. I’m going places anyway.”

“Day by day in every mother fucking way I’m getting better and better.”

“Nothing can stop me.”

See, for me, cursing helped me. It just did. It might not for you. Only you know. Read and do research. Get some help. Don’t stay in that hole.

Dont be like the frog at the bottom of the well who sees that there is light above somewhere but is too comfortable or depressed to try and climb out. FIGHT. Fight for your life because thats what you are fighting for.

What makes me qualified to talk about depression. Well, the psychiatrists told me I was depressed and that I had a disorder called Major Depression. Then they told me I was bipolar (maybe they said- just a little). Sounds like they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. They never did. No one knows where depression comes from. I’ll tell you this in my final thought though – you are selfish. You need to learn to love. Start by loving yourself. Yes, you are selfish. You are depressed because you are thinking about you all the time. Think about it. “I feel depressed,” “My life sucks” nobody loves me, Its her fault I’m not where I am today, life is too hard, ill never get out whats the use. Familiar with any of these sayings?

Im a professional depressive. I know what its like to mope around for years on end. Til one day I reached my bottom. You DONT have to let it reach your bottom.

Some of these words, and suggestions (they are all suggestions) may be rough or harsh or offensive. I dont care. For me I needed what they refer to as slap you in the face type of therapy, instead I got the nice kind of therapy where they talk to you for weeks on end for one hour a week. How is someone going to know you on one hour a week.

Dont they say that you dont really know someone until you’ve been dating them for at least a year, or 2 years, or 3 or more? Tell me how a psychiatrist is going to know who you are and what you do for real (besides what you tell him or her in a depressive fog) for 1 hour a week. Lets say it takes somebody just 1 week to get to fully know you. Thats 24 hours a day for 7 days. Without counting the rest of the days, we have 24 hours. It would take 2 years of therapy with someone in an office to fully know you and how you behave on the OUTSIDE of which they never get to see.

Maybe if these therapists took you for a walk or slept in your house for a week.

Do you think they would have different suggestions and different ideas about whether or not you are situationally depressed or clinically depressed? Most likely they would. They would have a deeper insight.

Now whats the reality of going to a group therapy and getting someones phone number and talking to them on a daily basis. Well, for one, this person has gone through what you are going through, or is currently going through what you are going through, UNLIKE any of the psychiatrists.

Secondly, getting someones phone number and talking to them during the week is already much more effective than a therapy session once a week. You could now hang out with this person or persons.

Heres what helped me get out of my depression flat out…

Serving other people. 

Learning to love. 

Thats it. 2 things. Weights did not help. Friends did not help. Only group therapy with a purpose.

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone. I wouldn’t suggest you go and take pills. I suggest you go and find some group therapy where you will find others just like you in the same boat. Some have been there and have been cured and healed and they will tell you how they did it. If you feel like you still need a doctor then by all means do so. Again its only a suggestion and I am not a doctor. Some people need pills, but some don’t.