Out of defeat is born perseverance. Keep walking through the fire.

The following write up was and still is a necessity. It’s something that I do on a several times a week to remind myself that my goals are achievable and attainable.  Positive words are a necessity in a world of easy negativity. What I mean is that negativity is easy. Its easy to be negative. Positivity on the other hand takes action and efficient, consistent hard work on the mind. Anything else is just a lie.

Out of defeat can come many things. Two in particular. You can let it kill your momentum or it can strengthen it. 

Defeat can give life to many things such as knowledge. It can birth the will to win and the will to overcome. Details of your mission can be born and made clear. When you experience defeat you can use it as a teacher. Not a teacher of self pity but of the opposite. A bringer of knowledge, of details, of understanding, of will, of perseverance.

Out of defeat can be born a savage inside you. If so you choose. You can choose to let it finish you or choose to turn you into a savage. To do better next time. To keep going and fight your fight. It’s up to you whether or not you want to become the savage you know you are. Don’t  be afraid. To be afraid is to listen to your mind. Don’t listen to your mind. Listen to your gut. Listen to your gut. Fear will come but it is inevitable. You must learn to control it and become its master. Not the other way around.



There are all kinds of failures but if you learn from the failure you will become a stronger version of yourself. Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success. Failure is the same as defeat.

“If you want to succeed, double your failure rate.”

— Thomas J. Watson

I’ve known failure all my life.

First of all, I failed coming out of the womb. It was a failure. My right foot was bent inward towards my left foot. I needed a brace for years to come just so that I could walk. I failed at getting good grades in high school. I slacked off mid high school and started partying. All I needed was a little balance but the beams tipped in favor of la fiesta.

I failed at making friends. I failed to make it on time to my airline job so I got booted. To be fair, they put me in a different department because someone was sick. I said I’d do it. And there you have it. It was pretty upsetting for me.

I later took this pattern of failure and put it into failed bank jobs. I walked out of all 3 of them. I have not been inside a bank since then. This was more than a decade ago. After failed attempts at many jobs I found the eBay business. I wanted to run an eBay store. Ran out of merchandise and that was that. I failed at getting clean. I’ve also failed at  staying clean. Although I am clean now. Failed at countless relationships but what happened yesterday doesn’t mean anything.

Yesterday doesn’t mean jack shit. – Phil Anselmo


The Young Lion Cub

One night I was up in Maryland visiting my brother it was about 5 AM and I was watching National Geographic and I see this cub. It’s chasing after its prey for the first time and thats where i heard the phrase for the first time. “Out of defeat is born perseverance.” The lion cub when he first starts to fend for himself fails over and over again. What is striking about this and the animal kingdom is that they dont quit. They dont give up like humans do. When they are defeated, they collect themselves, rest and try again. Soon after the lion cub is seen taking down its first prey. Picture this in your mind every time you come across defeat.

Defeat can come in the smallest of forms. When we can’t play a lick yet. When we hit a wrong note. When we go flat on a bend. The problem isn’t defeat, the problem arises when we let defeat.. defeat us.

Perseverance is up for the taking whenever we fail at something. Grab it. Run with it. Use it. Learn from it. Become stronger from it.

If you don’t have a girlfriend, ask some more girls out. If you don’t make enough money, make some plans to think outside the box. If you can’t play the guitar the way you like its only a matter of time and perseverance. The choice to make perseverance your bosom buddy is there for you to act on. Act on it. Just like that little lion cub, go after what you want. You’re hungry. Both you and I know it or you wouldn’t be reading this. Be patient, be persistent. Persevere. Turn your failures and defeats into perseverance.

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