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If your space looks anything like the picture…clean that shit up. Although if it looks like that, it means that you were probably working hard at your music at some point. The fact is though, we never get back to it unless shit is cleaned up. Then, when its cleaned up, there is space for the muse to come in and inspire you.

Dont rely too much on the muse though. She seems to come every time you sit your ass down and get to work.

That leads me to some thoughts on my war room…

My space is my war room. It’s where I create my art.

This weekend I took off out of town for a few days. I’m still figuring out the details but this is what I got from it…the positives anyway. The negatives are there for everything. They’re always gonna be there. You have to CHOOSE to see the positives. Although sometimes you won’t see the positives until you are worse off. Such as being in a space you are very easily inclined to hate.

In the hotel by myself I was able to wake and get to work. Here I’m not able to do that. I was able to pick up my guitar and start playing. For some reason I don’t do that here. Its because its usually a mess here.

It was all day long. I would practice technique and sight read. Then write down the chords for the song. Then i would play it. I was able to learn melodies over there as well as here its just that here there are so many things lying around left undone. I need to declutter myself so dont think I’m some snooty, always spic and span dude who has shit organized. Creating music is chaos and it usually looks like that around here.

When it is spic and span though, its like I pick up my guitar and everything flows.

Unnecessary Things

Things that dont need to be here. Shit. Trash. Distractions. Peace delusion. Clutter. Hoarded items, because of what people think, maybe. Like the watches. I don’t particularly care for wearing watches but because society imposes them or says that they look good on you I go out with one.

Not because I bought one but because they were given to me as a gift. Which i don’t particularly care for. Now its cluttering up my space. My war room. It’s been bombarded with shit from OTHER people not necessarily myself. its time for a CLEAN-OUT.

Just the other day I threw out 6 t-shirts that I wasn’t feeling good about. I try to throw out shit and keep shit organized as much as possible. Art is music and music is art and so is blogging and if I want to produce good work I need mental declutterization on a daily basis.

So throw out some shit, clean up and let her rip.

For example, on my desktop is a whole bunch of unnecessary things like pens and cups and guitar picks and my cell phone an my whammy bar and a couple of forks and a glass of ice. Totally unnecessary.

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My go pro camera is sitting here to which is unnecessary.

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A space for everything and everything in its place. – Marie Kondo


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