Go and Create – Thoughts from the Journal

I love creating.
Dont you?

Its a high like no other.
Its expression at its finest. Its raw. Its palpable.

Talking about perfection… it’s not a realistic goal and we seek freedom from the discomfort of making mistakes.

Thats what we’re doing, we’re seeking perfection we’re seeking freedom from the discomfort of making mistakes, so we have to go out and risk into the unknown.

Because if we don’t, it stifles are curiosity.

And curiosity didnt kill the cat. Curiosity created the most epic masterpieces of music ever known. Composers were curious about new sounds and the possibilities of music.

It also stifles our potential when we seek freedom from the discomfort of mistakes. We cant see our potential if we dont actually seek greatness.

We’re really not doing anything when we dont want to feel discomfort. We’re playing it safe.

We were born to go and create. We weren’t born to play it safe, we were born to go out and create.

To creat our world, create our music, create our art,  create our business, create our family.

Create growth in ourselves.

We are beings of creation. We are created beings. We are creativity in a nutshell.

Everything around us is created.

Everything. The car. Every single building. Every single light post on the highways and byways of the world.

Every single song that you hear on the radio was created by somebody.

The people who play that music are sitting in a place  created by someone sitting in a (created) studio.

Somebody created the microphone that the singer recorded herself with. Someone created the guitar and the guitar part. Someone created the bass guitars. Someone created the drums. Someone created the midi. Someone created the software. Someone created the computer.

All these creations came before we even thought about creating our own songs.

Ain’t that some shit. I’ve never really thought about it like that until this day. What I read today was absolutely amazing and profound and deep.

Someone had to have created those words and put them together and create a platform for us to read it on. Someone had to create the books. Someone had to create a publishing deal. Someone had to create a publishing contract. Someone had to create a book cover. Someone had to create in order for us to enjoy and be entertained.

Using this inspiration…we can create ourselves.

We can create ourselves, our lives, anything we really want to. Think about all the artists out there. Would you have thought of what they thought about when they created their art?

Would you have thought of any of the ideas in a Salvador Dali painting or a Pablo Picasso painting?

Would you have thought of any of the melodies inside of a Bach Sonata? Or Paganini caprice?

What is it that you want to create?

Use the inspiration of the creations that are out there already so that they can inspire you to create whatever it is that you want to create.

Those trees in your backyard, someone had to plant them. Things didn’t just happen.

We are creative.

Go and create…

Hasta la proxima.