The following compositions are some of my melodies mostly created using Common Practice Period and Romantic Era principles. They are all mostly in midi format although you may here some recorded audio. Ive employed the use of all sorts of instruments in my compositions some of which are here and some of which are not. I like to use violins, cellos, flutes, clarinets, bassoons, percussion instruments. Most of all I like to have Romantic Period Harmony.

The harmony you will hear in these compositions have been well thought out and took a considerable amount of time to compose. That was then and this is now, so today I am able to create compositions with this style of harmony pretty easily, if its a short piece.

2 of my other compositions are sonatas. They are not posted here but some of my larger compositions such as large ternary form are here.

I will update my compositions list as I finish them.

Below you will find audio of my work.


Arpeggiation of Triads

Periphery Style Melody


“Iron Will” 15/16


“Iron Will” with Rhythm Guitar

“Control” – Phrase in D Major

“The Need for Speed” – Short phrase to be expanded upon.

“3rd Relation Chords”

“Light” – Neoclassical Melody