Chords in the Key of C Minor

I went out of key for some of the chords. Don’t be afraid of going out of key or using outside notes. There are no rules. If it sounds good to you then use it. The 2 chords that go out of key are the Cm9addb11 and the Bb9#5. They both have an F# in the key and F# is not diatonic (within) the key.

The A half diminished chord is in C Melodic Minor. You have to keep this in mind when you use minor, that you have at least 4 forms of minor. Natural, Harmonic, Melodic and Hungarian. This poses a problem though. F# is part of C Hungarian Minor. So really we aren’t out of key at all. Interesting? Maybe not to everyone but it is to me.

Try these chords out, channel your feelings, write a song. All of these chords can be considered chords in the key of C Minor. Some might disagree but some will see. Which one will you be?


Odd huh?

Maybe but not to me. I like these kinds of sounds.

Onward we go into the musical world of composition.

Stay tuned.