The Chinese Bamboo Tree

I recently saw a video on the bamboo tree. It takes 5 years of water and attention every day before it grows.

5 years.

Every day.

If a day is missed it dies.



Now check out what happens when it breaks through. Sort of like a victorious moment.


Breaking Ground

Once it breaks ground, within 5 weeks it grows 90 feet. Imagine being 90 feet tall.

5 weeks.

90 feet.


Almost unbelievable.

Here’s a question…

Are you like that bamboo tree?

Have you been going through life waiting for something great to happen to you? Maybe you’ve put in all the work but you haven’t seen the results?

Maybe you’ve worked harder than everybody else but somebody else instead of you, sees success much more quickly than you do?

Maybe its just that your roots run a little deeper.

You’re becoming stronger. So much stronger in fact that you will grow right past what you thought you could ever be.

When I first heard this story it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Looking around at everyone else’s life while at the same time screaming within me the words “When is my time gonna come?”

Let me explain…


Is this you?

Do you ask this question constantly… “When is my time gonna come?”

Feel like you’re going to miss out?

Take action on that question. Keep at it. Keep developing your mind and your dreams on a daily basis.

You have a great life ahead of you.

If you so choose it.

You can always start right now. Today. There is nothing holding you back. Maybe life has been preparing you for something great. Strengthening your roots.

Resolve today to focus and hone in.

To Commit.

There’s an app called commit that I started using lately its really easy and simple to use. Look it up and download it. Its been working great for me.

Stop running around in your head.


Right now, decide that you will do everything in your power to keep committing to doing the things you need to do to keep YOU happy and to live your Great life ahead of you.

Not just a good one.

But a GREAT one.

A GREAT life.

Aim for a Great Life. 


Baby Steps are Better than No Steps

Do the little daily things that you know you need to be doing. Take Baby steps.

Examples include:

  • Practicing whatever you’re craft is
  • Writing down your goals
  • Envisioning your life the way you want it to be
  • Acting on it

If you’re feeling lately like you haven’t gotten far then it might just be that you’re a little impatient. Consider yourself like that bamboo tree. Growing ever so slowly but ever so strong.

Could it be?

I don’t know. I think it’s really up to you and what you decide to believe about your life.

Keep watering. Keep feeding your mind positive thoughts. Listen to motivational tapes and audio books that FIRE you up. Your life is not over.

It may be just about to start.


The Difference Between Us

A bamboo tree is actually a plant (we just know it as a bamboo tree versus a plant) and you are you, and I am me.

And we:

Have the power to change our lives by changing our minds.We don’t need to rely on someone to bring us water. We can and MUST do it ourselves. No one is going to do it for us.

We can change our minds from negative to positive.

Fearful to faithful.

From doubtful to confident.

Its the comeback that were capable of. We can veer off path for years at a time then simply get back on the right track and charge forward.

There is no age limit for success. Only a mind limit. That you put on yourself.

Take it off, see things in a different light and kick some ass from this day forth!


“You need only patience and to engage in consistent action.”

“So now the question becomes… did it take 5 weeks to grow 90 feet…or did it take 5 years?

The obvious answer is of course,

5 years.”

Les Brown


I love me a good quote. And thats a damn good quote if you ask me!

Now one last thing.


Being 90 Feet Tall.



Are you not giving yourself enough time to see fruit, to see results?

Keep at it.

Perseverance will make or break you.

Let it make you by fighting on.

Those that give up will surely never make it but those that persevere have a much higher chance.

Persevere, for its in the persevering that you become who you want to be…