Boca Raton, Florida

So last week I went out to Boca Raton, Florida. It’s 2 in the morning and I wanted to go somewhere and get away and start my traveling spree. I picked a place close to home mostly because I can’t afford a long trip right now.

I had packed my bags and it was two days that I had my bags in the trunk. I wanted to go to my uncle’s house in Lutz, Florida but he lost a child a while back and maybe he just wanted to be alone. I haven’t spoken to him, he didn’t pick up. But I get it. God bless him and his family and his wife, my aunt, and his daughter as well. And I hope everything goes well with him.

My bags were packed and I was at my one of my meetings that I attend. It’s group therapy and that night I had spoken about wanting to go out of town. With my bags packed in my trunk and the second night of my bags being in the trunk,  somebody,  like at two in the morning requested a Lyft ride all the way to Boca Raton. Although its not so far I was excited for the fare I was gonna get but I didn’t know I was gonna stay there just yet.


Part 2

Never really been to Boca Raton and as soon as I got there the drop-off spot for my passenger was right by the beach and it was so peaceful I decided to stay for two days. To say the least it was eye-opening in the sense that this was just amazing to me. It was such a relief the first night from being in Miami. The first night started out with a frown on my face and I didn’t exactly know why. The air was cool, I was peaceful, there was no one to bother me.

Immediately I stopped driving and looked online to see if there was a hotel I could stay at. They all said that checkout was at 3pm the next day. My gut told me to just walk into one of the hotels and just ask. So I did. I followed my gut. My gut that’s usually always right and I never really trust.

They didn’t want to give me a room until five but I got one not only for that night but for the next night so I had basically 24 hours plus the 3:30 am til 3pm so in total that was almost 36 hours for $89.


Part 3

Relieved and excited immediately, I went to check out my room. When I got in I sighed a sigh of relief. The beds were made. The soap was new and the room was cool. It was a colorful room. It wasn’t bland and dull. It was perfect. I wanted silence and a place to work and most of all THINK. I wanted a plan going into the next week. 2017 is going to be a big year for me. I know it. I feel it.I realised I was next to this open mic night that’s been going on for possibly a decade or more. The Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca Raton, Florida.

Always wanted to play at the Funky Buddha so as It was a God-given destiny. It was divinely proposed to me that I should play there, the problem was that I was there one day too late. So much for destiny but I don’t care too much for destiny as I do about action taking these days. So I made plans to come the following week which is now in a few days. I made a plan to just show up. Thats it. Just show up.


Part 4

Once I got to the hotel I was thinking, “I’m just gonna relax here for a day or two and enjoy the scenery and then I’ll go back to Miami refreshed.”

Next thing I know as I’m putting the milk away in the hotel fridge for breakfast, my Lyft app rings and I thought to myself. “Shit, I thought I turned it off.” I then accepted the request and ended up doing three LYFT rides going up and down the coast. All of a sudden I find myself in this bright mood and felt I had renewed purpose. My purpose was to come here to practice my songs because I was in an environment where I couldn’t really get anything done.So this is the point when I think and say to myself that I’m coming back.

Inside my war room in my home, where everything is created, has many distractions right outside. So I went over there. I didn’t have my computer. It was me, my spanish guitar and some cool, fresh air.


Getting Work Done

I got work done on my melodies for my album that I am going to record and put online. So the next two days I was in a state state of bliss.I was able to work up here to make some money, while I’m just playing guitar and just enjoying the beach and the fresh air. And it was so different from Miami, Florida. Miami is very congested and I am very tired of it because I’ve been here my entire life. I am 38 years old and it’s time I start traveling.


So Who Am I and Why Would You Listen to Me?

So who am I really and why would you want to listen to me? Well I’m just a guy who loves writing and playing guitar. I just want to share my story because I think it will benefit you and your friends or your loved ones. Getting away even just for two days was eye-opening, refreshing and entertaining for me all at the same time.

The air was crisp and fresh. I was able to get a lot of oxygen into my system. The hotel room was cool, quiet and on the fourth floor away from everybody. I had the sense of fear that I was by myself but as soon as I found my purpose for being there my mood intensely changed to one of positivity and productivity.


Positivity and Productivity

I picked up my guitar and started playing, learning my compositions and realized that I need to come back here to get this done. I drove up and down the coast of Boca driving people from one place to another.

Then someone took me to West Palm Beach (Uber ride) I drive for Uber and Lyft. I got to see Clematis Street where the night life is in West Palm Beach. I immediately called a friend who had the phone number of my other friend who lives in Palm Beach. He was a little far but I may call him this week.

Then I went to a friends house of my parents because someone took me from Clematis Street to 10 minutes away from my parents’ friend’s house. So I went to say hi and to learn more about the area. Now I believe I have a place to stay up there for free and basically can go there whenever I want.


Takeaways from My Trip

Traveling even if it’s for a short amount time is never a waste of time. I totally relaxed and got stuff done and also enjoyed the fresh air and a new city. It was very easy up there. There’s 2 main roads going up and 2 main roads going east and west.

Working up there was very easy. It was up-and-down or east and west on those two main roads driving for Uber, listening to music and talking to the locals. It’s a spot I will definitely visit again .

Boca Raton, Florida.