The following melodies are for beginner guitar players. If you’ve never played guitar before these are good melodies to start with. They don’t use a lot of strings and won’t take you that long to learn. You will gain little victories from these short melodies.

How to learn a melody:

Go one bar at a time. Once you have the first bar, do not play the first bar in order to practice the 2nd bar. Simply practice the second bar alone. Do this for the first 4 bars or so. Then when you got a few bars under your fingers, begin to mesh them together.

Warm up with some exercises such as any scales, chords or riffs. You can use the chromatic scale on a single string as well to warm up. Go for like 2 minutes. Once you’re warmed up, you will learn much better because your fingers will be nimbler. There will be blood flowing through them so they will actually move better and easier.

Do not learn all the melodies in one day. Try to play 1 as best as you can before you move to the next one. Even if it takes you a month or two, (it should only take a day or two to learn) keep at that single melody. Once you learn it however, then you can begin to practice it and rehearse it.

To learn is one thing, (the first step) and then to rehearse and practice what you learn is another.

Learn first, then practice it.

Lastly, you want to get it as close to perfect as possible. There is no perfect, but you do not want to sound sloppy either.

Make sure all your notes are struck well, ring out and do not decay quickly. This means that you should aim for every single note of every single measure to sound and ring out clearly. If it doesn’t, then you have to go back and make it sound great. Don’t build a bad habit by hurrying in the beginning.

There is no need to hurry.




Rain, Rain, Go Away


Jingle Bells


Melody - Russian Folk Song


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Aura Lee


Happy Birthday


Itsy Bitsy Spider


La Cucaracha


London Bridges


This Old Man


Michael Myers Theme




Unknown (TV) - Batman Theme v1


Animals (The) - House Of The Rising Sun v3