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If you’re new, I just wanted to welcome you!


My name is Mike Socarras, and I’m a guitarist, composer and writer. On this site you’ll find shred guitar lessons and motivational articles about the art of shredding.

Ive been teaching guitar for 7+ years now. Mostly I teach guitar through my blog posts, ebooks and locally.

If you want guitar lessons shoot me an email.

All things aside I’m just a guy who loves doing what I do, shredding and composing.

Writing and teaching takes up most of my time these days. My time is spent writing lessons on shredding, and I also wrote a book on chord progressions in every key.

Im nobody special, I just figured, if I have all this information on my desktop, I should share it.

So thats what I’m doing. It means nothing just sitting here. Sharing it with you makes me happy. I like being happy.

I also want to FREE you from the frustrations of learning how to SHRED. Read on to see how I got started…

The Beginning

8 years ago I studied hard, practiced my ass off, and still do. I often put in 4 hour days. Sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. The biggest mistake I ever made had nothing to do with the guitar.

It was with my mind. I thought I knew it all. I had ego. I had songs but they weren’t that good. Thats when I sought help.

Scales I knew not a single one. All I knew was how to write songs and riffs but not solos. But I persevered and when I was down I persevered even more. Got lessons from my favorite player George Bellas.

The rewards have been phenomenal. I’ll share with you how I did it.

I’ve been taught by some of the worlds best guitar players. Studied composition and am a prolific songwriter.

I have a songwriting certificate from Berklee Music Online. I work on myself and on the guitar daily. I want to motivate you and bring you along with me.

Heres my book and my Instagram. Come follow me. I’m always posting guitar vids…

Chord progressions in every keyInstagram – where I post a daily video. Check out the best guitar lessons on the planet… George BellasHeres my twitter tag: or whatever they call it…@msocarras. Thats also my Skype name msocarras if you want guitar lessons on the web. Send me a message.

For local guitar lessons I teach out of my home in Miami, Florida. Zip Code 33165. I also service the following areas: Westchester, Doral, Coral Gables, Kendall, West Kendall, Pinecrest, South Miami, Brickell, South Beach.

Tel: 786 554 8455.

Hrs. 3-9 pm Monday thru Saturday.

Guitar lessons serve all levels of students. I teach rock, shred, heavy metal and anything related. Anything unrelated I don’t teach. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.