Chapters of the Book – Basic Scales and Arpeggios

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This is meant for the beginner to beginner intermediate guitar player although there are some concepts which may apply to the advanced player.

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This is what you get

Introduction to Scales and Arpeggios…for the Aspiring Guitar Player

Getting Started

It is highly suggested that you go through the entire book first. Have a quick look and scan and see what pops out at you.

A second suggestion that is highly recommended is for you to have a piece of paper and a pencil, a metronome and your guitar in a quiet space.


In a day there are 71 time periods. 14 minutes and some odd seconds. This means that there are 71 (14 minute time periods in your day.) Surely you can find time to work on something you love doing. The harder you work the more fun you will have and the greater the reward will be.

Basic Scales  Key of G 

Pentatonics, Blues and Natural Major and Minor Scales

Pitch Axis Scales Same Root Note

Pentatonic Scales 

Modes – Major and Minor Scales 

3 String Arpeggios 

3 String Pedal Point Arpeggios 

4 String Arpeggios 

Mozart Based Arpeggio Piece – Based on 5 String Arpeggios 

Arpeggio/Scale Workout 

6 String Arpeggios 

Arpeggio Progressions 

Arpeggiated Chord Study – Key of F 

Odd Meter Arpeggios 

7/16 9/16 11/16 and 13/16

Chordal Work Scales and Arpeggios from a chord

First I give you the chord, then the scale and then the arpeggio that is closest to that chord.


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