How to Be A Badass Rhythm Guitar Player In a Few Minutes A Day

So you want to be a badass rhythm player. What does a badass rhythm guitar player know? What does he do? What does he do with what he knows?

This is key.

These are questions you should ask yourself every time you go and practice rhythm.

So what does the rhythm guitar player actually do? He plays the chords mostly, sometimes riffs, sometimes grooves.

What do they know? Lots of rhythm players dont know JACK SHIT. But as Phil Anselmo says: “Yesterday Don’t Mean Jack Shit.” So forget the fact that you don’t know much and do something about it today.

They play with their ears and although they may sound good when I ask them what they are playing in terms of theory.

They always reply  with: “I don’t know. I just came up with this thing.”

I cringe at this response. Because if you dont know what you’re doing then how can you progress and make your rhythm ideas into complete song ideas.


Here are some things that make a really good rhythm player. But before all the tips theres one main thing you should know that puts rhythm players at the top.




10 Tips to make you a better rhythm guitar player:

  1. Use a Metronome.
  2. Turn the TV off.
  3. Start with A SINGLE NOTE. With this single note play a whole note, then half notes, quarter notes, 8th notes, 16th notes and finally triplets and sextuplets.
  4. Learn Scales for Dexterity.
  5. Know all the Chords in a key.
  6. Know how to switch cleanly from section to section.
  7. Know your Power chords and Inverted Power Chords to Sound Heavier.
  8. Learn how to Strum properly.
  9. Know your Genre. Learn some riffs from your favorite bands.
  10. Write something new every day and record it if possible.

Basics for Rhythm Guitar

Heres a pretty good lesson on rhythm. Some of the pics are off so pay attention to the tab instead. 5 Ways to Understand Rhythm Guitar

Wikipedia has a Good explanation as well.

Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar

I really like this package here that Theodore Ziras came up with. Its called: The Complete Metal Rhythm Guitarist Vol 1 Scroll down and click on info.

This is the best lesson package I’ve ever found for heavy metal rhythm guitar. I will post if I find some others. But to this day all I see is rhythm with Lead guitar.

I haven’t really found lessons where they teach you to play rhythm guitar although I am working on a course.

Everyone’s so involved with lead guitar that rhythm takes a back seat.

That being said. You Might like Andy James. Click on Lesson Products.

Of course if you want to learn metal rhythm guitar. Learn Metallica or Megadeth Riffs.

Or any good metal band for that matter like the almighty Pantera.


The Way I Learned Rhythm Guitar

Mostly the way I learned was listening to my favorite bands and trying to mimic the rhythm of guitar parts that I liked.

It came out totally different and with different notes and sounds. This was the best way for me to learn rhythm since I first fell in love with rhythm guitar.

I didn’t care about sounding like anyone else but myself.

I picked up the guitar every day and honestly just started making some noise until something sounded good. Only later did I seek out a teacher but that was for lead guitar playing.

If you’re having trouble playing rhythm get a good teacher. A local one. So he can give you tips on how to use your hands. This is the one thing that online lessons cannot give you.

Play like a beast. But do it with a metronome or drum track.

Check out Beta Monkey Music or for Drum Loops. These are highly inspirational.


  • Pickup your guitar.
  • Play to a metronome.
  • Learn as much as you can about rhythm and note values.


Contact me to learn more about rhythm guitar.

In the meantime check out these rhythm guitar exercises below with pdf tabs and audio.


Quarter Notes, Dotted 8ths w 16ths, Triplets and Quadruplets



Rhtyhm w 16 notes and 32nd notes



Rhythm - Sextuplets



Til’ next time.