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Rekindle Your Fire

How to Rekindle your Fire when YOUR Flames become mere embers Here are some things to consider. Get Mad! Yes get mad, in a healthy way. I don’t mean for you to start throwing things around. I mean get up and start taking action. Sometimes it’s a depressed state of mind that has us thinking that we can’t play what we want, or that we aren’t good enough. It’s simply not true. The truth is we can play exactly what we want if we keep pushing forward. It won’t come easy. You’ve got to rekindle your fire. Getting angry in a...

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Be Inspired – Motivational Quotes that Will Get You Movin’

In Need of Some Motivation and Inspiration? Check out these Quotes..   Listed below are some of my favorite inspirational quotes that I look at as much as possible. Motivational quotes like these really light my fire when I need my fire to be lit so to speak. Lets dive right into It. THESE QUOTES SHOULD LIFT YOU UP AND ENCOURAGE YOU. I URGE YOU TO MAKE YOUR OWN LIST AND REVIEW THEM DAILY. THEY WILL WORK WONDERS FOR YOUR MIND…THUS YOUR MIND WILL WORK WONDERS FOR YOU. POSITIVE QUOTES THROUGHOUT THE DAY CAN TURN YOUR DAY AROUND AS...

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How to Live Your Life From Your Rocking Chair

  I’ve heard this before from Tony Robbins and thought id pass it on since I keep seeing it and hearing about it in different places. Take a few minutes and think about what you’re gonna read next: Your 90 years old. You’re on your rocking chair. How many regrets do you have? Hopefully none but thats not realistic. Or is it? The biggest regrets from people on their death bed are things they Didn’t do. A good idea would be to put everyones opinions out the door and focus in on what YOU think and what YOU believe....

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How to Work for Yourself and Not Answer to Anyone by Working for Uber.

Drive. One Way to supplement your income as a musician or any other career is to drive for Uber. Simple.       What is Uber Exactly? Here is Wikipedia’s Take On it.  Wikipedia Uber Technologies Inc. is an American multinational online transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.[2][3] As of May 28, 2016, the service is available in over 66 countries and 479 cities worldwide.[4][5] Since...

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DEBUT Release

mike socarras artist

Debut Release from Mike Socarras. A Hard Rock and Heavy Metal compilation. All songs written and performed by Mike Socarras.

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