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Hurricane Irma and What I Learned from This Big Bad Bitch

Hurricane Irma is one of the biggest, baddest storms in the history of storms.   It has devastated everything in its path. But thats not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is the fact that it takes a hurricane to bring a family together to spend quality time with each other. I dont know about you but where I live, time with each other is pretty much appalling to pretty much all of us. If I ask my sister to hang out, its a no. If I ask my brother in law to...

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G# Harmonic Minor

G#/A FLAT HARMONIC MINOR   The G# Harmonic Minor Scale degrees are the following: G# A# B C# D# E G. Ab Harmonic Minor Scale consists of the following degrees: Ab Bb Cb Db Eb Fb G. This is why we use G# Harmonic Minor. Its easier to read and spell on a staff. Chord formula for this scale is as follows: i iio7 III+ iv V VI viio7 aka 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. The chord qualities of these chords are: Minor – Diminished – Augmented – Minor – Major – Major – Diminished.   EXAMPLE...

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The Importance of Guitar Scale Sequences

The Importance of Guitar Scale Sequences for Original Guitar solos is often overlooked by lesser, more amateurish players. They don’t like it when you mention scales and sequences. It scares them right out of their little panties. They were used back in the day… might as well learn from them. They were utilized in both the Common practice period and the Romantic Era. You don’t hear any of it in modern music unless you are into shred guitar instrumental albums or neoclassical music. Popular music has totally abandoned the use of the most powerful chord in the musical universe. The V chord. Thats for another article altogether. Today we’re gonna talk sequences and why they are good and also when they are not good. After years of dodging the scale sequences thing I’ve come to realize the benefits. The benefits are for dexterity and fretboard knowledge. The reason to practice them is for originality and creativity as well as dexterity and fretboard knowledge. Notice that I didn’t mention Music theory. Thats because music theory isn’t needed when you use scales sequences. If you know your scales already and which to use over said chords, then you’re good to go. There is an endless amount of scale sequences and you know where they are? They’re in your mind sonny. You just need a little confidence, a little bravado. You need...

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How to Aim to be the Best Guitar Player You Can Be

“I Ain’t the Best But Thats Where I Wanna Go…” – a great mindset to have. It shows humility and ambition at the same time.   Practicing to be the best guitar player you can be This week I’ve decided to work on my songs, solos and arpeggios. So in my practice log which you can get at Sam Ash for 99 cents, I wrote down these 3 things. I may do more, I may do less but I really want to get my songs moving forward this week and I really want to nail the solos Im working on. Each week I write down my goals and have them crystallize before me on paper. Something about writing it down makes it seem more vivid and more achievable than if its stuck in your head.   Songs I have many songs so I pick the one thats tugging at me the most and of course those are the new ones im working on. I dont do lots of covers so Im talking mainly about my original songs. This doesnt meant that covers are bad though. If you like learning covers then by all means do so. You learn a lot by doing so. Pick the ones that you like the most and try to nail them start to finish. Or at least move forward with it this week. Sometimes songs are not able to be...

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Turn Yourself Into a Warrior

Become a warrior Turn yourself into a warrior. Step down from the stands and into the arena like a gladiator of the days of Rome. Fight for your freedom. Fight for what you want. For your desire. There are things working against you that you cannot see. You cannot see them right now because you’re not looking. You’re too busy pursuing your dream. Keep pursuing your dream. The more you keep pursuing the more those things working against you will fall to the way side. Keep staying busy. Success comes when you’re in Motion. Keep walking down the path to the arena, keep your mind focused on the gladiators, not the fans. The gladiators are the musicians you respect and admire. Everybody else is just a fan. Don’t be a fan, be a gladiator. “I want to fight and fight but it’s time to sleep.” Every night you should want to fight, even when you’re going to bed but cannot, because you are sleepy. You should say to yourself “I’m a fighter, a warrior and I carry on til the mission is done.” Turn yourself into a musical warrior Music is everywhere. It’s inside the headphones of every gym rat across the country. Across the globe. It’s in every office and every factory blaring out the radio to make their dull day go by a little quicker. The power...

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