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10 Reasons Why You Should Most Definitely Buy Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro Well, the title says it all. You can become a pro sounding player by using this AWESOME software… Guitar Pro 7. It’s got a nice clean, look to it and its super easy to use. Simply plug in some numbers on the screen and you have tab for your music. Its as simple as that. Guitar Pro 7 is the most amazing software I have ever owned. It is simply numero 1 when it comes to guitar players. There are tons of things you can do within this software and if you are into composing music (guitar and instrumental music)...

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How to Succeed

How to Succeed – In a Few Choice Words.  You get out a paper and pencil and write down what you have to do for the entire week. Dont worry about the details. Just write it out and get used to the act of writing things out. This simple action breeds CLARITY. You will see on paper, that a lot of the shit you write down is bullshit. You need to learn to decipher whats important and what better way to do it than to have it all right down in front of you. Write down what you need...

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How to Read Music – Article 2

How to Read Music – Article 2 Notes on Your Instrument Last article I talked about reading the first measure of a score and today I want to talk about knowing the string names and starting to read our first score. You gotta know your string names. So learn them if you haven’t already. Do not try to read guitar music while in another tuning. Stay in standard tuning. Piano players and other instrumentalists you must also know the notes on your instrument so begin studying them as much as possible. You have to know where all your E...

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16 Guitar Chord Progressions in F Sharp Major and E Flat Minor

Have you ever listened to Dmitri Shostakovich? He composed during the time of Joseph Stalin. Joseph Stalin was actually worse of a guy than Adolf Hitler. We always hear so much shit about Hitler but not so much about Stalin. Ive always wondered why that is? If you know please indulge me. Dmitri Shostakovich’s Final String Quartet is in the key of E flat minor. It has 6 movements. I can listen to the whole thing which lasts 36 minutes. If you want something a little bit more upbeat just to get a taste and an earful of the...

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Debut Release from Mike Socarras. A Hard Rock and Heavy Metal compilation. All songs written and performed by Mike Socarras.

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