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Power Chords For Beginners – Mastering Your Power Chords.

Power Chord mayhem Power chords are a big part of playing guitar. Especially if you are into playing heavy metal and want to shred. They are also used in other genres but these chords are known for being played with (high gain distortion) and at high decibel levels. So crank it up! You should start off with power chords when learning guitar if you’re new. If your’e not, you should be able to shred and come up with riffs on the fly at high speeds with these chords. They only have 2 notes but those notes can be repeated. That being said, power chords are movable as well. They can be moved around the neck to any fret you wish. If you are a songwriter you will want to know which chords belong to which key so that you sound like you know what you are doing as well as sound TIGHT. TIGHT is the name of the game. You want to sound tight. I cannot enforce that enough when it comes to power chords. You can however, switch keys. But, this requires some preliminary knowledge. Lets get started learning these chords and the possibilities they offer… Learning the chords: Learn the chords and implement them into your practicing schedule when you practice chords. Learn them on the low strings as well as the high strings. Learn your power chords all over the...

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Your Best Days are Out in Front of You Not Behind You

Your Best Days Are Out In Front Of You Look forward, not backwards to yesterday and how you couldn’t play that piece of music as well as you wanted to, look forward to the day that you WILL be able to play it, because you will. And look at the ones that you can already play. You might think that it comes easy for some of us when in fact nothing is really easy. If it were, we would probably lose interest. We all have it hard. Some of us just put in more time and while there are...

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How To Destroy Complication and Simplify Your Guitar Practice

Destroy overly complicated practice routines. You don’t need them. Get rid of them. SIMPLIFY your life. Simplify your guitar routine. They only make you stressed and cause you to do something else versus practice. Even when you know you want to and should, the mind is so preoccupied with things that it’s not clear in your head what you should do. This happens far too many times and the trick I found is to make it simple. Make your practice time a time where its easy. But not easy in terms of difficulty of execution. Easy in your head. Meaning clarity. You know what you gotta do. There are so many things to practice out there that you need to be as clear headed as possible when it comes to your thoughts. When you think about what you have to practice does it become a negative feeling? If this is you… keep reading. KISS. Keep it simple silly. Use the CSSA method. I came up with this Acronym on my own. Ive never seen it anywhere nor have I heard about it. Its simply something I came up with in my head to keep my mind from running into a frenzy when I think about what I gotta practice.   Without further delay here it is: I keep it simple when I’m pressed for time. I use this system that...

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How to Be Like The Chinese Bamboo Tree

The Chinese Bamboo Tree I recently saw a video on the bamboo tree. It takes 5 years of water and attention every day before it grows. 5 years. Every day. If a day is missed it dies. Dead. Gone. Now check out what happens when it breaks through. Sort of like a victorious moment. Breaking Ground Once it breaks ground, within 5 weeks it grows 90 feet. Imagine being 90 feet tall. 5 weeks. 90 feet. Incredible. Almost unbelievable. Here’s a question… Are you like that bamboo tree? Have you been going through life waiting for something great to happen to you? Maybe you’ve put in all the work but you haven’t seen the results? Maybe you’ve worked harder than everybody else but somebody else instead of you, sees success much more quickly than you do? Maybe its just that your roots run a little deeper. You’re becoming stronger. So much stronger in fact that you will grow right past what you thought you could ever be. When I first heard this story it hit me like a ton of bricks. Looking around at everyone else’s life while at the same time screaming within me the words “When is my time gonna come?” Let me explain…   Is this you? Do you ask this question constantly… “When is my time gonna come?” Feel like you’re going to miss out? Take...

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Depression Makes You Not Give a Fuck. Heres How to Change That.

Depression Start By Giving a Fuck About Yourself Start giving a fuck. About you, yourself and you again. There is no one more important than you. There is no one more important than you at this moment. At this moment in time. Cut yourself some slack. You deserve it. Go out and focus on you and all will be well. If you focus on you, you can then focus on the game, on others and your army. You need to be an example. Fuck depression. Take the bull by its horns and bend them to your will. The spiritual life says to put others first. This does NOT mean to not take care of yourself. How can you put others first if you haven’t gotten out of bed and done your daily chores yet? Its impossible. You need to get up from your bed right now, eat well, work out if thats what you like to do…and then go and kick ass. If you dont go to work, (putting yourself first), or act on your dream (putting yourself first) when you go help others they won’t even want your help. You will most likely be ineffective. So do you first.   Frozen Rage Depression aka “frozen rage” will keep you frozen because you actually give a fuck about things not working out so you stop giving it 100 percent....

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