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Thinking Big

So Im doing an Uber ride tonight and my rider…she starts talking about this book called, “The Magic of Thinking Big.” I think I’ve heard of it but I never got around to it. I think it may even be on my book wishlist on Amazon. The title struck me because Ive been looking for something lately. Corey Agopian Ive been looking for something I can chew on. Some truth…something with some depth. After a few letdowns from people, such as a date thinking I’m going to wait for her to come around some time this century, a sibling...

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Top 21 Best Heavy Metal Lyrics Known to Man

Heavy Metal Lyrics Heavy metal lyrics are great. Some aren’t. Here are the best ones in my honest, humble opinion. There are no lyrics greater than these in my head. These heavy metal lyrics have gotten me through countless traffic dysfunction here in this beautiful city of Miami. This city is beautiful but its also corroded with music that just doesn’t float my boat. In my opinion, the city needs more rock and roll. NO fuck that! It needs more Metal! I don’t mean the type of metal that worships the devil. In all honesty, those lyrics I’ve never even come across. Maybe its because I’m a spiritual dude and I don’t go looking for it. Im sure if you go looking for devil worshipping heavy metal lyrics you will find them. I’ve gotten through almost 2 decades of heavy metal listening and have enjoyed it until this day. Its strong, its heavy, its masculine. If you’ve got a problem with those things this blog is not for you. That being said, all of these lyrics are uplifting. Yes, uplifting. I like lyrics that uplift because I think they are the most important. Will you find lyrics in here crying about a girl? Nope. Will you find lyrics in here about a breakup? Nope. This is spiritual to the core stuff that you may not find in other heavy...

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Creativity Session – How to Become Insanely Creative on Your Guitar in 1 Simple Exercise

Creativity Creativity is very important in your everyday pursuit in becoming a songwriting musician. Even if you are not writing original music, you still have to be creative in your interpretation of the piece you are performing. For example, if you are to play one of Heitor Villa Lobos etudes for Guitar, each persons interpretation of the piece will be different and sometimes significantly different. You should train to do this on purpose. Can you lift some of the notes off the page and make them pierce the heart of the listener? Can you make the section that is otherwise dull, stand out in your performance of it? These things should be taken into consideration when writing and performing music. Here in this session I am going to give you a different type of creativity exercise. This exercise will help you in becoming more proficient on your instrument. You can use lead guitar or rhythm guitar or both for this exercise. The exercise is simple, come up with 5 different ideas to beat of the drum track below. Before you listen to it, take out a piece of paper and a pencil and jot down some keys that you like playing in. Maybe you could even write what type of emotion you want to convey or what type of feel you want your riff idea to have. You could...

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Chord Progressions in E Minor

Chord Progressions in E Minor When I first started learning guitar this is the key that I most used. See when you’re a teenager like I was at 19, you had anger, repressed anger that had to come out in one way or another. My way was the guitar. Its a good way to use to release all that pent up energy you have stored up inside of you as a teenager. Are you a teenager just beginning to learn the guitar? If so, you can learn it all right here on this very blog. Have a look around,...

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8 Simple Chord Progressions in G Major

8 Chord Progressions in G Major Hello ladies and gents, Today we will look at the all familiar key of G Major. Countless hit songs have been recorded in the key of G Major and is one of the keys a beginner guitar student learns first. Its usually the key of C, the key of G or maybe the key of E Minor (which is also the same as the key of G Major.) First of all, let me say this. I could name you a bunch of major scale melodies and they’d be in different keys. All those melodies can be played in ANY of the 12 Major keys. For example a melody or tune in the key of F# Major can be transposed up a half step to be played in the key of G Major. F# is a half step below G. But you could take a melody in B Major which is 4 half steps (or 2 whole steps) above G and play the melody in G Major. The same goes for the chords. The chords of any song can be moved up or down to fit the key you want to play in. Pretty cool if you ask me! I just wanted to mention that because sometimes on the (inter webs 😉 ) the chords for a song are given in a certain key. So...

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