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7 Days a Week…No Matter What – Solutions to getting rid of distractions and destroying them for good

7 Days a wk. No matter what. This isn’t the gym, this is guitar. And your fingers can take a lot more than you’re giving them. So can your mind. You can study theory when you don’t feel like picking up a guitar. You can ear train. There are lots of distractions in this life. You have to be committed to this thing. You’d be surprised what you can get done in 5 minutes. But the good thing about five minutes is that it’s never 5 minutes. And you know it. You absolutely know it. Both you and I...

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Learn to Fly Across the Fretboard in Any Key – Newly Revised ebook “Pentatonic Punishment”

Learn to Fly Across the Fretboard in Any Key – Newly Revised ebook “Pentatonic Punishment” This ebook has just been released. I have revised it and added new exercises and concepts to help you along your way with mastering the pentatonic scale. Ive included a few of the pdfs at the bottom of the post. You can get a good pentatonic scale workout from them.   Introduction Pentatonic Punishment is basically a pentatonic scale workout for the aspiring guitarist. Below you will find all 5 shapes in all 24 keys. That includes 12 Major keys and 12 Minor keys....

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Guitar Lessons Miami Florida

Hi, Im Mike and I teach guitar online and locally in Miami, Florida. I love the guitar. It is my number one passion and have been playing for quite some time now. Below you will find some of the topics I cover in the lessons. I aim to give each and every student the best experience possible. Find out more information here with any questions you may have.  Topics included.   Rhythm Guitar, Blues guitar, Creativity, Songwriting, Composing, How to read music, guitar chord progressions, arpeggios, odd meters, practicing with drums, ear training, harmony, jazz chords, all kinds of...

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10 Ways to Grow a Pair of Hairy Guitar Playing Cajones

How to Grow a Pair of Hairy Guitar Playing Cajones Become super confident by doing and practicing the following principles. Doing so will free you from the low self esteem prison. You really want to have a big pair of guitar playing cajones? Do these things: 1) Practice your ass off I mean seriously practice your ass off. If you do, you will see that confidence comes oozing out your pores. Get your shit together, get clear on what you want to accomplish and go to town. 2) Power Poses Bodybuilders use this for competition. They hold their hands...

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Learn Your F# Minor Pentatonic Guitar Scales Across The Neck in 1 Session

F# Minor Pentatonic Guitar Scales If you put your mind to it you can learn these shapes in 1 day. Shoot to have them down by the end of the week. This is the key of the famous track by Rhandy Rhoads “Crazy Train.” You must then come back to it often to make sure you really learn it. Most of all you must…APPLY. How do you apply?   Application Learn the shapes first. Either one at a time or all together. Hit 2 or more notes from the scale at a time meaning chords and come up with...

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Debut Release from Mike Socarras. A Hard Rock and Heavy Metal compilation. All songs written and performed by Mike Socarras.

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