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Pre Strumming Course Training

Quick Motivational Audio You can do this. You can strum well and sound like your favorite players. Take the time each day to practice strumming your guitar and you will see great results. This is not a race. This is something that we love to do in order to relax at night, pursue our passion or simply let out some aggression. The better you know your guitar, the better you will be able to express yourself!   Sign Me Up for My 7 Day Free Video Course Now SUBMIT NOW! You have Successfully...

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11 things I Loved about Last Night’s Show

11 Things I Loved About Last Nights Live Show¬† This is me taking selfies and trying to make myself look cool. Only problem is…I’m already cool. Seriously though, if we just be ourselves people will think we are cool, as in cool to hang out with or cool to talk to. Its when we try to be someone we’re not that we push people away. Fortunately, I am a musician so thats a picture of me with my guitar. NO harm done. How do you like the open knee shot? Anyway… Last night was fucking great. Here’s what I’m...

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Plan to The End

Plan All the Way to the End   5 ebooks , 5 records, all selling from my blog. I keep writing and writing new music, new lessons and new books. Planning all the way to the end – law number 29 – 48 Laws of Power. So let me see if I get this right Otto Van Bismarck didn’t like that they were servant boys to Austria. He was in Prussia, so he round people up so that they could have greater security, not necessarily gain more land. He was clear in what he wanted. He didn’t want to...

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Think and Go Hustle Review: One Mans Story Becomes Your ACTION Plan For the Life You Want

What’s up Young Hustler, Mike here… I want to talk to you today about and an e-book by Dylan madden called “Think and Go Hustle.” “Think and Go Hustle” is a book that reminds me of Think and Grow Rich. It reminds me of this book because of the title, but I like this book because it focuses on action. When you read Think and Grow Rich it’s almost like there’s no action involved, that’s the difference in becoming successful, it’s all about action. You have to become an “Action Jackson.” Remember that movie? To think and go...

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Harmonic minor modes

Harmonic minor modes

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chord progressions


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