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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico I consider myself on expressionist. I do music, I do art, and I write. Puerto Rico has been without power for 3 months. This touched me as it did when I heard of the disaster from the hurricanes this past season. It’s got me thinking. Of all the worries and all the negativities in my day. They are nothing compared to what is going on in Puerto Rico for some folks right now. We have power, we have light, we have school, which means we can see our friends, we have our jobs which means we can...

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9 Reasons We’re Not Guitar gods Yet

9 Reasons We’re not Guitar gods Yet Are you aspiring to be better at guitar? Maybe even guitar god status? Read on to find out why you may not be there yet… I suffered from low self-esteem. I suffer from low self-esteem is more like it. Do you suffer from low self-esteem? There has been much evidence that says that we never become who we want to become because our self esteem is low. We have a poor self-concept. I wrote the following article as a way to remind myself of the path of the virtuoso guitarist and what...

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14 Lessons on Sweep Picking Arpeggios

Arpeggios – Sweep Picking Lessons Remember when sweep picking that every note must sound on its own. NO NOTES MAY BLEED INTO ONE ANOTHER. If they do you are NOT sweeping. Go slow. Persevere. You can do these sweep arpeggios for every key by transposing the arpeggios up or down. In the future we will go through all the keys. For now learn one key. (E major). When you are working with 2 string arpeggios it seems counterintuitive at first almost as if 2 strings arent enough to sweep pick with. They totally are. Sweep picking is a technique...

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D MAJOR CHORDS IN THE KEY FOR GUITAR WITH VIDEO AND TABLATURE Hell Yeah guys! In this short video I present to you the key of D major. I present to you a plethora of guitar chords that you can come up with on your own simply by knowing the notes of the D major scale. The guitar chords that you can come up with are all up to you, you don’t have to know a bunch of music theory but you do have to know your guitar neck and you have to know the scale. All you do...

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Debut Release from Mike Socarras. A Hard Rock and Heavy Metal compilation. All songs written and performed by Mike Socarras.

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