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36 Killer Licks for Your Bag a’ Tricks – Using the Melodic Minor Scale

I love big epic pics. I also love big epic feats accomplished by these guys who go out on a limb to reach their goals. They sacrifice their lives sometimes to get to the top of the mountain. Its a great motivational pic shot by Christoph Deinet. The thing about guitar is… there is no life risking feats, only notes…on paper…that we can put together and create beautiful music with. All you gotta do is pick up your guitar and start playing. Take these licks and make the most of them, maximize them and capitalize on them by adding...

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The Rising – “All That I Desire” Lyrics

LYRICS from THE RISING “All That I Desire” As I look at my shadow in my shadow I can see that something tells me that the grass is gonna be a little bit greener than it was yesterday …feeling comes over me runs through my body and my soul there’s a bridge to be crossed and I’ll be damned if I don’t cuz from here it looks pretty damn steep like I wouldn’t be willing and able but something tells me… All that I desire is to be free
From all the weight that I carry with me
 It’s hard...

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Melodic Minor Scale

Just like in the picture above, there is beauty in the melodic minor scale. There is beauty in every scale but maybe you haven’t encountered the beauty of this particular scale. In the olden days when Bach was around they would often mix the 4 forms of the minor scale. The melodic minor scale is different from the Natural Minor scale in that both the 6th and 7th degrees of the scale are raised by a half step. That gives you a whole new set of chords and harmonies that you can mix and match with the other forms of...

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One More Time – The 3 Most Powerful Words I Heard this Week

You never know what you may come across if you don’t follow through on things. You might actually come across a bunch of sand dunes in the middle of nowhere in which you can have fun to your hearts content. In other words, everyone knows the ocean right? Of course you do, but have you seen what it holds within it. Its a vast sea out there full of dark and mysterious beauty that the human eye has not been able to reach entirely. The point is that music and guitar is the same. I read a book written...

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Guitar Lessons in Miami for Kids and Teenagers

For the past 8 years kids, teenagers and adults have been studying and learning the guitar here at the Mike Soca School of Music. Any student who walks through these doors or the door of any other music school will benefit from being around other like minded people. The fact is that anyone who is humble and willing enough to learn the guitar can learn to play in a matter of months. Simple, short pieces of music is the key to learning the guitar. Take small chunks at a time, get good at them, and then mesh them together....

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DEBUT Release

mike socarras artist

Debut Release from Mike Socarras. A Hard Rock and Heavy Metal compilation. All songs written and performed by Mike Socarras.

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