This is a website for those who want to live unafraid, be who you want to be and play music at the highest level.

No One is coming to your rescue. – Brian Tracy


What is my blog about?

What is my message? My message is really that it CAN be done. You CAN reach high, high levels of musicianship. You simply need to put it… first. It needs to be your obsession. Even if it isn’t first, or your obsession, it is still possible to reach a high level of musicianship. You simply need to make it one of your priorities. Your you time, should be all about getting better at, and composing music.

What if you are not that serious? Why read my blog? Well, you don’t need to. If you do, It will simply serve as Motivation and Inspiration. Motivation and Inspiration are fleeting and so thats why I like to do write about it. I want to motivate and inspire  you to be a better musician, a better YOU.

mike socarras

Sumatran tiger


Heres the other thing though: I simply like expressing myself, therefore I write. I simply like writing about music, therefore I write about music. It helps me understand music on a much deeper level. First, I have to make sure that what I write about is true and is effective. That in itself means that I have to test each and every concept that I write about.

If I don’t test it, there is a chance of getting something sort of right and sort of right doesn’t fly with me. For me, I need to understand the concept well enough to APPLY it and use it in my music.

For whats the point of learning something just to learn?

Well, this is a dangerous question.

This question suggests that learning is not beneficial in and of itself. The benefit is gaining the ability to actually USE the information. But if you just learn something, theres benefit in that as well. Only the benefit is not beneficial. At least not that much.

This is what I mean.

When you learn something, you feel good, you get high off of the information. Its not a drug induced high, its simply a pleasant feeling to learn about something new and dabble in it.

Only a dabbler never reaches mastery.

I would like to reach mastery and therefore, writing about music is a means to an end for me and in the process, it will help to clarify musical concepts for you and help you along your journey as well.

We both benefit. Both you and me. Its a win-win situation.

I say that learning something just to learn it is dangerous because now that you feel good, you may think you know it well enough to use it. The problem lies in the fact that when you go and attempt to use the information you have newly learned and felt good about, you can’t use it.

You now feel like a 5 year old. You feel like it wasn’t meant for you to use the information. Most people will probably give up at this point and never see the great, musical wonderland that lies just beyond the effort of (learning something well enough to use it, and apply it so that you, yourself and others can benefit and enjoy it.)

mike socarras

Music is simply something to enjoy. It makes us feel something. Whether its good or bad, we choose the type of music that we want to listen to and benefit from. Its entertainment at its cheapest, and alleviation at its finest. Its a connector. An emotional roller coaster that can run through the gamut of emotions we all feel in just one piece of well written music.

So whats my blog about?

My blog is about music. And how great and vast it can be for you if you put forth the effort. If you put a little action into your day, into your musical journey. Music is so vast you will most likely never reach an end. And therein lies the BEAUTY, its the journey that is fun. And when you learn something new and are able to use it, the pleasurable feelings of learning is tenfold.



The Main Point.

  • TO BE FEARLESS…conquer your Fear into a Creative Outlet.
  • To learn how to control your fear and move forward anyway.
  • I believe fear to be the most potent destroyer of dreams along with doubt which I believe is caused by fear. Fear of something..whatever it may be.

It’s also a website for guitar players who want to UP their game to the highest level.

  1. Learn every key
  2. Improve your technique
  3. Express yourself freely
  4. Make an album

When you work for yourself you’re able to do the things you want to do. Currently I teach guitar, compose music, drive for Uber, write a blog, write ebooks, write poems, lyrics and most of all songs and motivational articles of which you will see here on this website.

When you work for yourself you are able to do all of these things. As long as you please.


a. Extremely persistent in adhering to or doing something; stubborn or relentless
b. Characterized by extreme persistence; relentless or enduring
Therefore Tenacity is Extreme persistence. Relentlessness. Here’s a quote I came across a while back.
“Its hard for someone to question your tenacity with their head chewed off.”
Not sure who said this but its out there. And I like it. I love it actually. What I realize is that most of everything in life that is to be conquered has to be thought about and pondered upon each and every day.
No skipping days. You don’t skip days where you eat and sleep do you?

What being who you want to be means to me:

Its being TENACIOUS.
Being able to express yourself freely and creatively.

The Ultimate goal.

To Live a life of freedom. Free from the 9 to 5 drudgery and depression inducing way of life.
This is my blog. Im proud to present it to you. And I’m even more grateful that you’re reading it. My aim is to fire you up to be so fearless that you become the King of YOUR OWN JUNGLE.