You might be thinking, “I’m just too old I’m never going to be better at guitar, I started when I was 40.”

Or maybe you’re in your 50s or 60s or 70s and that you’re just not young enough.

Well this is absolutely not true at all.

Heres why.

You need to have realistic expectations.

Thinking that you will be the next Jimi Hendrix when you’re starting to play guitar at the age of 40 or older is probably unrealistic but it doesnt mean you can’t have a whole helluva lot of fun playing guitar.

Thinking like that will probably get you to not pick up the guitar and this is exactly what we don’t want.

You don’t want to psych yourself out of something that you like to do. So what that you feel old, so what that you cant play like Steve Vai.

There are many older people than you playing this very day.

You can always get better and that’s where happiness lies.


Happiness lies in the process, in the journey, not at the height of virtuosity.

It’s the way there thats fun.

With guitar lessons and the right mindset your guitar teacher can make this process easier than you ever could on your OWN.

But I’m going to go even further and say that you don’t even need a teacher. You can be your own teacher.

You can discipline yourself to read the books, watch the videos, and implement your own teaching strategy on yourself. If you were a teacher what would you tell you to do?

You need to have realistic goals.

However, you can reach a level where you really enjoy playing and others enjoy hearing you play.

You absolutely can.

You CAN reach that level of enjoyment and share the beautiful gift of music with others and enjoy playing.

You CAN enjoy seeing progress in your playing rapidly.

It has nothing to do with age.

hasta la proxima…’