February Album Writing Month

Ive been intrigued since I found out about it. I see it as an inspirational month of music and riff writing to further your skills.

The first year it was a mess.

A few years later, I wrote some heavy riffs and would release it as a comedic album so to speak. See, FAWM is about having fun. Its also a way to improve your songwriting and productivity. I’ve seen albums from 3 second songs…to toilet sounds for an entire track. Ive heard the worst of the worst and Ive also heard really great stuff.

Love it or hate it. Its $25 buckaroos to host your mp3s on their site where everyone can comment and listen. You could do the same for them. Its 14 songs in 28 days. There are no rules. If you want 30 second riffs then thats fine. Which is exactly what Im gonna do. Im gonna take my best riffs, record them or rewrite them and come up with new ones for a total of 14 new riffs. Im not gonna produce the album unless its in a comical way. It would be silly of course. I love FAWM. And so will you.

Check it out at FAWM.org

Even if you write 1 good song or section or verse this coming month of February you will be golden. Its one more to add to your repertoire. There are all sorts of ideas you can latch onto. For example you can do 14 songs in 14 different genres. After all its just for fun. Fun is the name of the game. Fawm is fun and fun is Fawm.

Feel inspired.

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You could name them all with numbers. You can do spoken word. You can do all kinds of things. The limit is only in your mind. You can make 14 different crazy sounds. Length of the songs are not an issue. From 5 second spurts to 5 minutes and more. Up to you. Check out some of the crazy concept albums that have been done before.