5 Lessons I learned from Roadtripping


In the following words I’m going to tell you about my little trip I’m on the East Coast of Florida. And then I’ll tell you about some little lessons I learned while on the road.

I’ve never really travelled on my own except for my last little road trip to Boca Raton.

I wanted to take off because I was feeling a little claustrophobic and directionless. The next day I saw my chance and just left. No thinking… just packed a few things and started to drive.

When you feel burnt out, pack and go.

If you need Clarity on some things, just go and get the fresh air.

Do not ask for permission.

Do not say you are going, just go.



So I started my trip not knowing where I was going, all I knew was that I wanted to go, so I went.

I slept in my car the first night at Walmart.

Had a blast at Dania Beach pier and got some great pics.


The next day was really really hot and I was in Palm Beach and I really needed a nap since my sleep schedule is used to sleeping at night. I got a hotel room at Hotel Biba.

I had the best nights sleep in a while.

Here’s some more pictures of West Palm Beach.

Road trip


It was a beautiful day and the waves made me want to go further north.

So it was… clarity, that I needed. Clarity set me free. Clarity for me was muddy and now it is visible.

What means most to me is the music that I create. I needed to get away to reorganize my thoughts and make it ???? percent clear and to not be distracted by other, worthy but not priority, type goals.

When I die, it will be spoken in my obituary that I bled for my art. My chosen art was crafting melodies and my music came with a powerful message.

After I had a good nights sleep I went up to new Smyrna Beach and rented a little cabin at a travel park.


Lesson 2 – Balance

The second lesson I learned was that I needed some balance.

Whats the point of working til your blue in the face if you cant enjoy it.

For example, if I work 24/7 on music with no time to enjoy life then its not really worth it anymore, even though I’m doing music (the thing I love to do).

Its a balancing act that we must keep.

It was really cool staying there.

Road trip



Over all it was a great trip.

Would I do it again? Yes. The next road trip is already in the works.

I even came home with 4 extra books.


Lesson 3 – You are on your own. When you’re on your own you gain skill

Get out when you need to. You need to travel a bit. God put you on this Earth and there are lots of places to be seen. If you wanna be a Young hustler in America, traveling will be an essential part of your life.

Here’s the New Smyrna Beach Inlet…

Road trip


My Stay at Sugar Mills Travel Park

An RV park if you will, with cabins for rent. Quaint, little cabin with a wooden porch, 2 beat up chairs and a mosquito repelling screen door.

The sand was a grey, white, semi-muddy.

It was nice because the sand was white and it had a curving path that led through the middle of all the RV’s and cabins.

It looked like a scene out of that movie., whats it called ?…To Kill a Mockingbird. I think it was the porch that gave me that feeling.

At night it was spooky. All you could hear was the chaotic sounds of the bugs and the birds.

The cacophony, probably sounded really cool but I was too intent on going inside that I didn’t bother to notice the probable music being sung by these tiny little beasts.

I did see a gopher turtle which are protected. It looked like a big shell with a big turd coming out of the front..only the turd had eyes on it.

It was pretty far away from the paradaisical boardwalk I was walking on next to a waterfront (what looked like a mansion) only on the lower end, still beautiful though.


Just as fast as I went, I left. Only faster. I became clear for a moment that I was mad. I felt the emotion and took action on it and started to feel better right away. When I’m mad I know that I want get shit done.


Lesson 4 – When youre done, youre done

If the hustle is calling you, then get back to hustling.

If you feel like you’ve enjoyed yourself enough then you’ve done good and you can get back to work.

Although, the work never stops, I was on this trip but I was taking notes, pictures and videos.

I was documenting the whole time just like Gary Vee says, “Document, don’t create.”

The creating part is waiting for me every time and now with more energy.

Travelling or road tripping gives you fresh air. It puts you out of your comfort zone.


Lesson 5 – Get out of your comfort zone

(Slept in the car) That’s all I really have to say on this one, it was hot, it was nasty, it was rough… but it saved me money.


Final Thoughts and Benefits from the trip

In boca at a starbucks I had a conversation with a biz consultant who gave me some solid ideas.

Met a girl from New Mexico. (Winniebug 😉

Saw West Palm Beach. Dania pier. Talked to a beautiful girl at the Rip Curl surf shop. Saw New Smyrna Beach. I did all of this on a very tight budget.

Got some much needed sun and vitamin D.

In fact I had an excellent time.

The time now called for me to be around people.

Best parts of the trip were: the playlist, the relaxation, the sun, the cabin, the waves, the water, the white sand.







Next stop?



“You know whats coming to me? – The world chico, the world.”- Scarface