5 Minutes of Fury

Part 2

What if you could get better 5 minutes at a time?

Remember that song by Pantera? …”5 Minutes Alone”

Well thats just what you need.

You’re going to simply psyche yourself into going at it for 5 minutes.

If you simply do this you know you can get excellent starting points for an intense practice session. And you’re not even going to practice for 5 minutes.

Because it never happens.

Unless you’re eyes are getting really heavy and closing, you can push yourself to do 5 minutes.

Think about it…you are alone right before bed. You also have your phone next to you and your metronome app is in your phone. Right?

These 5 minutes DO REQUIRE a metronome!

Turn it on for 5 minutes and thats it.

Even if you dont go past 5 minutes you’re still getting a quality 5 minutes.

Don’t forget the Metronome.

This does something. It leaves you wanting more and thus wanting to pick up your guitar more often. You see what can actually be done in 5 minutes and you want more and more like a drug.

Imagine sweep picking at 150 bpm for 5 minutes straight in one key. Or one arpeggio thats giving you trouble for a whole 5 minutes.

Think of these as little practice sessions. Exercises if you will. You can have 5 minutes of fury for 25 minutes with a break in between,

Check this out.

5 minutes vibrato.
5 minutes bending.
5 minutes bending AND vibrato.
5 minutes single string shred
5 minutes arpeggio sweep picking.

With a minute in between you have 29 minutes. You still have a minute to go pee and turn on “Stranger Things.” Or make a sandwich.

YOU MUST GO FOR 5 MINUTES. Not of easy practice. But of FURY. Think Fast and FURIOUS.

Even if you dont, it will still be worth it…so dont worry about it if you can’t get to that state just yet.

5 minutes of fury will give you the excitement you have been looking for. Think about it. You’re done in 5 minutes.

Lets compare the gym for a second. 5 minutes on a muscle or on one exercise. (3-5 sets) is about 5 minutes isn’t it?

But what if you did 5 minutes straight of Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope? Would it not give you an insane workout?

Sure you gotta do more if you want to see results but remember…5 minutes is a trick to your brain. Tell yourself to go for 5 minutes.

After one round you will want more and more and more.

You have to be excited when you learn guitar. You can’t be down and out and expect to learn and play well.

EXCITEMENT about your practice sessions is crucial.

For exampl, I have some arpeggios that I want to learn. They are Altered Dominant chords and I want to know them and memorize them.

Using this technique of 5 minutes I could have 1 or more learned by the end of my practice session.

Its that simple. Its not easy. But its simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple stupid. Practice or die. 😉

Thats the mentality you should have. Not…”shit I gotta practice today.”

Ive done this many times and you know where it gets me? NOWHERE!

Practice with excitement. Practice what you like to play. Play with Emotion!

Try out 5 minutes of fury for yourself and let me know how it went for you. Id love to hear about your experience!