“FIVE MINUTES OF FURY guitar lesson”

This is a lesson on how to be In and Out.. How To Bust Yourself Right Out of A Guitar Practicing Rut Especially if You’re pressed for Time. 

Put on a stopwatch on your phone, on a watch, or just look at the clock….and Pick an exercise. From arpeggios, chords, scales or a song section.

Go to town for five straight minutes non stop.

Play hard, play fast, and DO NOT STOP for five full minutes.

5 Minute practice sessions can work wonders for your emotional state and for your well being and especially if you are pressed for time. In fact, this is solely intended for those times when you ONLY HAVE five minutes.

One benefit is that It will help keep your mind focused on what you need to do the next time you practice. You’ll know instantly what you need to do next time.

Try it right now. Don’t even read the rest of this. If you want some examples then keep reading but if you already know what you want to work on then just go…

Come back later and read the rest then.

More Examples:

  • Tremolo picking is a good one.
  • String skipping is a good one.
  • A new scale you just learned is another good one.
  • ​Blues rhythm, or metal rhythm, or any type of rhythm you like.

Best of all is when you Integrate techniques for example:

  • A Barre Chord then rip through its corresponding scale….
  • A Barre Chord then arpeggiate the chords then rip through the scale and a descending arpeggio. On every Fret. (Any variation of this will work) The goal is not to stop. Don’t think about it, once you think, you’ve already lost a few seconds.

Usually this exercise will translate into a longer period of time, which is why I suggest it!!!

…but it’s not the main reason, the main reason is actually: if you are pressed for time and are feeling crappy about not being able to practice.

Think about what you can do in five minutes and just do it. It doesn’t by any means have to be what I suggested.

with full force, meaning, fully engaged and in the moment 

Do it Loud! and make it fun, or it won’t work. Five minutes is just not enough time if you don’t give it…


I’ve tried this and I’m so glad after I have done it. After all a lot can happen if five and five is better than zero. If you can give it all you’ve got in increments of 5 minutes throughout your day believe me you can get a lot done.

You don’t have 5 minutes? Bullshit. You just took 5 minutes to sit down on your computer or wherever you’re sitting and log on to the internet and go to this website and read up to this point.

5 minutes always leads to More…

Once you start you realize that this is more important than worrying or fretting about some problem or rehashing something in your head that doesn’t make any sense.

You’re having fun now and you realize how much you really love the guitar. 5 minutes will pass and will pass quickly.

What if you could do 5 minutes more, or increments of five minutes to get things done.

5 minutes in the morning or 5 minutes after dinner. Before class. Before work. At lunch in your car. Work your minutes into your schedule. Plus, its never just 5 minutes just like its never one chip or a cookie.

Final Thoughts


In a Tv show there are 30 minutes. 7-730 lets say. This doesn’t mean that all 30 minutes are show time. about 10 of them are spent on commercials unless you’re watching HBO or something like that without any commercials.

You don’t have 5 minutes?…my ass you don’t have 5 minutes.

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