Five days in with RED BURNER.

The non side effect fat burning supplement.

I started writing this post last week and will update it as I get closer to 30 days. Some of the dates may be confusing. I started taking one capsule a day and feel nothing. Not that much of a boost.

Now it’s day six or seven and I took two capsules today and I’m on fire. I’m having a high energy boost and I’m killing it in the gym. If you want to burn some fat you should pick it up. RED BURNER.

It’s not that expensive and it’s not jittery. I have felt no side effects.


My workouts are normal

2 days ago on the heavy bag Jan 3rd.
3 rounds for 3 min each.

  • Upper body blows
  • Kicks
  • Elbows

All for 1 min each

Jan 5th

Incline Chest Press

Bench Press




I alternate between hitting the bag and hitting the gym. Im also trying to keep it simple in order to develop the habit of going to the gym consistently. Its the ONLY way this will work. Consistency is king.

On days off I take 1 capsule but today I took 2 planning on going to the gym but haven’t as of yet. I may go later on as Im scheduled to.

Check out RED BURNER.

Disclosure: I receive a small fee because I am an affiliate of Red Burner. There is no extra charge to you.