The following lesson is on sweep arpeggios. Remember that when you sweep its one continuous motion with your pick across the strings and not individual attacks on the strings. Its one downward motion and/or one upward motion if you are descending. Be relaxed.

The pdf contains 5 keys. Fm Cm Gm Dm and Em. Its a pretty tough workout as you have 10 x each in 5 keys but its pretty simple in theory.

For this lesson and ease of sweep technique I borrowed the ii chord from the Melodic Minor Scale. So instead of a half diminished chord I used a minor (ii) from the Melodic Minor Scale.

This makes it easy to go up and down the neck like a bat out of hell especially if you are new to sweeping. The half diminished chord is a little pesky so I eliminated it.

This is absolutely fine when you are doing your own songwriting. You can borrow chords from other keys if you’re being held back or tied down by one nasty little arpeggio.

Eventually you want to go back and learn it but its totally fine and actually sounds cool when you borrow chords.

So borrow at will.!

You must do all the chords. What makes it somewhat easy to memorize is that the shapes are the same in all keys.

It won’t take long. I blasted through 2 keys in under 3 minutes I believe. Ive been practicing sweeping for a while but it really doesn’t take that long, it just might at first but persevere.

Always persevere.

Do each key 10x. Descend back down the scale for a longer workout.

Write some progressions down and do those as well if you want an even greater workout.

Practice to a metronome or backing track.


You can also use these arpeggios melodically.

For Example:

Go to a C Minor chord and arpeggiate the chord. That automatically gives you a melody. You could harmonize that melody underneath with any chords of the C Minor scale. Pretty cool.

You could also change up the rhythm for another melody. Try some quarter notes mixed in with some 8th notes, or go even faster if you like.

Try moving to a different chord while still arpeggiating chord melodies.

Lastly, one thing you can also do is sweep across the entire while you have one chord underneath as a drone. You will get some dissonance but you can always resolve dissonance if you know how. If the harmony is Cm then start and end on a Cm chord for instance.

You could also sweep pick a progression and have a melody on top of that.

In other words you would have 2 melodies going on at the same time but the sweeps would serve more as a harmonic background in this case.

If you go slower and use different rhythm you can have some nice counterpointed melodies but you gotta pay attention to the chord tones.


  1. Relax your neck, shoulders, arms and hands. You should be relaxed as possible.
  2. Slant the pick downward away from just a little bit. This will help.
  3. Make sure to go slow and to a metronome after you’ve learned all the arpeggios.


4 String Arpeggio Sweep Picking Workout w Tab