4 Devastating Thoughts Guitar Players Want to Stay Away From

Knowing what not to think may help you with how you should think.



This thought CRUSHES your options. Theory can ONLY enhance your playing not diminish it. If you want proof, listen to your favorite players and ask yourself if they went through the trouble of learning music theory.

Of course they did, you wouldn’t feel the way you feel when you listen if it wasn’t for Music Theory. Music theory is in everything you do musically whether you like it or not.

You use music theory without even knowing you use it, that’s how bad this thought and nonsense is.


This is another devastating thought. Would you walk into a store and buy something that you didn’t need? Its the same with lessons. Why would you pay someone to teach you ONLY what THEY want you to know. Most teachers won’t show you what you want to know, they will teach you what they think you should know without even asking you what you WANT to know. I WILL.

In fact, this is my main goal as a teacher: to get YOU playing what you want to play by giving you what I think you need and guiding you on the stuff YOU want to learn. Its all about YOU. Its not about teacher’s pride here at GLM.

YOUR goals are most important not the teacher’s goals. I have goals just like you and they are to get students to play the way you want to play and exactly what you want to play.

Do you see what I mean? Your goals become my goals. This doesn’t mean that we will not go through a comprehensive set of lessons and not teach you what you need to know and do it the right way, it means that we will do BOTH, and this is the main difference between me and the teacher down the street.


Devastating thought number 3. Learning covers are only ONE way to enhance your skills. Only learning cover songs is not even close to what you have to do to become a well rounded player, there are several other things you must do to become truly GREAT.

Do you know what they are? I can probably guess that you don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be looking for guitar lessons. What happens if you only do cover songs?

Sure, you will learn how to play those songs and you will learn to become pretty good but you will fail at one very important aspect of guitar playing and that is to INTEGRATE and APPLY what you have learned from those cover songs into truly great music. Are you having trouble accomplishing this? Click HERE.

Get started applying what you know and do not waste another day on ineffective strategies. You want to be good don’t you? Stop playing that cover for a second and think about what I just wrote. It makes much more sense than to ONLY learn cover songs.


Number 4 on the list of Devastating thoughts. This couldn’t be further from the truth, your skills will skyrocket while taking lessons compared to someone who is not. Keep listening to that person and you’ll soon be like them, way behind on your musical progress.

You don’t want to be in this situation, if you are like anyone else, you want to be good at what you do. All professional athletes (ALL of them) have mentors, coaches, nutritionists, trainers etc…

Why would You, as a guitar player, not get advice from someone who is further along than you and has gone through the steps necessary to attain high levels of guitar playing. It wouldn’t make any sense at all. Even if you are learning the guitar purely for fun’s sake.

So there you have it. Stay away from these thoughts and you’ll be fine. Entertain them and there will be consequences.