Hi there,

Now why would I write something like 21 things you don’t know about me? Here is the answer: Why not?

I am 39 years of age today. So I decided to come up with 39 things that the average person doesn’t know. Of course you know I’m a musician and that I write a blog.

But who am I really…

My full name is Michael Anthony Socarras. This is me grinding.



Here are those 39:

1 ) I have a club foot

I was born with my right foot turned inward and had to have surgery when I was born. I later had a second surgery at 2 years of age. Because of this I had to wear a leg brace and had to sleep with it for some time as well. My shoe size is different on my right foot by less than an inch but still significant. I have no ankle on that right foot and my calf muscle is atrophic. It will never grow. When you look at my legs you will see one calf big and one calf small.

2) I used to do Karate

Tae Kwon Doe to be exact. Master Kim was my teacher and is still in business today about 10 blocks from where I live. I made to yellow stripe which is nothing really. Its only about the 2nd belt you get. I don’t practice these days but the martial arts left an impact on me and these days I am a rabid UFC fan.

3) I took painting classes.

I recently started up drawing and painting again for relaxation and creativity. I even have an Instagram with some of my canvas art and drawings. www.instagram.com/socarrasart Painting and drawing really eases my mind and puts me into a trance. It leaves me with a feeling of zen. After an intense heavy metal guitar session, I need something to relax and drawing and painting does it for me.

4) I was very quiet growing up.

I remember sitting in the classrooms as a kid and not wanting to say anything all day. I had a very quiet childhood, in public. Inside I was a lion raging, opinionated, ambitious, loud mouthed, and a good person. Thats not the person I was on the outside. Today I’m a killer. I’ll tell you how I feel although I do need my quiet time.


5) I was a straight A student up until..the 9th grade

I got straight A’s in every single grade up until I hit high school where I grew disenchanted with life. I didn’t know what I wanted til after high school, therefore high school was very dull for me.

6) I grew up playing baseball.

I became pretty good at it but I left baseball in the 8th grade for football. It just seemed cooler to me.

I was the quarterback and did pretty well. I do remember being under a pile of defensive guys from a really good team. All I could see was a little hole that led to the sky. It was pretty cool. I got sacked by a bunch of guys on top of me that smelled like a garbage dump. Pretty cool. It was cool because of the experience. It was rough, aggressive and violent at times. It was just what I needed since a mountain of anger and rage was building up inside of me.

I pitched, played catcher, played shortstop and 3rd base.


7) I went to an all male school

I went to an all guy school and hated it. I don’t mean to offend any of the guys I went to school with I’m simply being honest. I did not like high school. Probably because there weren’t any girls around.

8) I played football in high school

But only for 3 games. It was an all male school. That year Hurricane Andrew hit and I played linebacker one game and sucked and then quarterback another game and I think I completed a pass, I don’t remember the rest. That year, because of the Hurricane, we only had 3 games. I never played football again.

6) Skateboarding


In comes the skating. I used to skate with my boys up an down the streets of our houses. My board was really cool. It was a schmitstixx …and it was a deep maroon color. It was awesome. I couldn’t really olly well and I think it was because of my right foot. My friend built a halfpipe in his yard and we would skate there after school.

7) I used to Surf

Then came the surfing. We live in Miami, Florida but believe it or not when there is a cold front we get some nice but very small waves. Maybe waist high, sometimes (rarely) we would get bigger waves. We usually had to go up the coast to get some good stuff. I rode some good waves in those days. Had lots of fun and saw beaches up and down the Florida coast. My friend went to Costa Rica and now looking back I should have gone with him! Although I wasn’t very good I had tons of fun.

electric guitar

8) In came the parties

I used to party like it was going out of style. Nowadays I don’t smoke or even drink.

9) Guitar beast

In came the electric guitar…Ive been playing daily minus a few days for the past 19 years.

10) I was very angry growing up

Very very angry as a child was I. I hated the world and everything in it. As soon as I found my passion of music It started to diminish. Now I blog. Now I have 2 passions. But its really one. Since I blog about guitar.

11) I had low self esteem

Low self esteem is a killer. It will bury you 12 feet under. Through books I learned to become more confident. Through reading blogs, through working out, through doing (taking action on my dreams) I have become supremely confident.

12) I was diagnosed

with Major Depression and have been battling depression with medications since 1999.

13) Bipolarism

Is that even a word? Recently they told me I may be bipolar as well.

14) I have written over 200 songs

Thats not to count all the musical ideas that aren’t finished – all since 1997.


15) I own the same guitar

…for the past 18 years but now have 5 more to go along with it.

16) I started playing the guitar

…after High School.

17) I love shred guitar

…and classical music. Those are the 2 genres I listen to the most.

18) I’d rather chill and write,

…read or compose or be with good friends rather than go to a club.

19) I read voraciously

mike soca blog

20) I write voraciously

21) I practice like a madman.

And then I practice some more. It doesnt come easy for me.

22) I think a lot about

…music every day.

23) I took up drawing

…and canvas art about 60 days ago. @socarrasart


24) I had 14 different jobs and hated every one 

… I also walked out on them. (without any notice)

25) I don’t agree with the 9-5 Jive.

26) I now work for myself.

27)I feel young

28) I’ve never seen snow


29) I read male oriented, masculine, testosterone filled blogs.

Boldanddetermined.com, calmandcollected.com, bloggingfromparadise.com, valorforfreedom.com, charlessledge.com, dangerandplay.com, and many others.

30) I started blogging a year and a few months ago

31) I made my first dollars online back in December and still trickling in

making money online - mikesoca.com

32) I’ve written 7 ebooks and over a hundred blog posts in the past year

33) I tried to run an ebay business and failed

34) I tried to run a guitar school (by myself)

…and failed at that too.

35) I am now…shooting for an online business.

36) I like burnettes

…with long, dark, flowing, hair. ????

electric guitar

37) Ive been doing 50 pushups a day and shooting for 5-10 pull-ups every day

38) I have several albums of music to be released within the coming year

39) I absolutely love to blog!

So there you go…39 things about me you didn’t know. Maybe you don’t care, maybe you do. I simply want you to know who I am. I don’t like when I read a blog and have no idea of who the person is.

Wish me a happy birthday…or you’ll explode within 5 minutes of having read this post!!!