33 Tips to Get You Back on Track Like a Guitar Playing Aphrodisiac


Practice with intent.‪ Think – What do you INTEND to accomplish?

Practice hard.

Use a metronome.

Study an entire key.

Practice daily.

Practice daily by key.

Write a song.

Write two songs.

Write a song section.

Debunk the myth that you’ll never be good.

Practice gets results.

Practice gives confidence.

Confidence comes from actually doing.

You cannot write 1 song and expect greatness.

You have to write 100 shitty songs before you see some wealth.

Songwriting wealth will come from guess what? Actually writing songs. Not from technique not from playing covers. But actually writing songs.

Most people think they cannot write a song. It’s just that they don’t want to.

Desire is everything.

There’s nothing wrong with doing cover songs.

There’s something wrong with playing cover songs all the time if you want to write your own songs.

You’re not good because you don’t practice.

If you would practice you would be good.

People have told you that you’re good already and you still don’t practice.

You need to keep practicing even after the compliments come.

You have to be so far ahead of the compliments, that they dont even boost your ego anymore.

Act as if.

Pose like your favorite guitar player.

Find a picture online and stand like him or her and look at yourself in the mirror – that’s the person you need to be and want to become, that confident  person in the mirror.

Look up your favorite guitar magazines and stay inspired.

There’s many guitar and music forums out there that will keep you inspired and even maybe piss you off enough to get something going.

You’ll never get something going if you don’t get started.

You have to put 1 chord in front of the other just like you put 1 foot in front of the other when you’re going to the gym, if you wanna finish a song.

When you’re going to work you don’t ever think about it, you put one foot in front of the other and you go to work. So if you could do it for things that you dont like, why don’t you do it for things that you DO like?