Guitar Playing Goals

When you are learning to play guitar, setting goals is extremely important. Regardless of what style you want to play or even whether you plan on playing acoustic or electric guitar, having goals that you can strive toward will ultimately make you a better player and help speed up your learning.

Below are a few reasons you should set personal goals:

Reason #1 

You Will Become a Better Player

You will simply become a better player by acting on your goals. This will give you inspiration and motivation and may cause you to take even more action. Whats better than you taking consistent action towards your goals? Nothing. Action is up up to you, get a move on. Stop bullshitting and get er’ done.

The clearer the goal, the better the practice session and the more progress you make. 

Be clear and not muddy. Fog in your brain only causes distraction. For example, are your chords weak, arpeggios sloppy, rhythm out of time? Write these GOALS down and get to work.

Reason #2 

They give you something to work toward.

When you set a goal you have a finish line that you know is there. If you simply sit down and try to practice without having any goals in mind, it is easy to find yourself not progressing at all and simply playing the same thing over and over, or noodling for hours.

By setting a goal you can look at your skills and evaluate your playing every time you pick up the guitar.

You can easily assess whether or not you have made progress toward becoming the player you want to be.


Reason #3 

They allow you to speed up the learning process.

With a goal in mind you can easily break that goal up into steps. If your goal is to learn a specific solo in your favorite song, you can break that goal up into small pieces, learning different techniques or sections one at a time, until you are able to reach your goal.

The same can be done if your goal is learning music theory, techniques, or riffs—it makes it all faster. Learn in chunks.

Divide and conquer.

How You Will Feel

  • You will feel as if you are making progress and like I’ve said before: Progress equals happiness. – Tony Robbins
  • You will feel like a you are amongst the elite group of guitar players who know what they want, go after it and then attain it. Because its true, you will be. This group is full of pro players. This is what they do. Day in day out.
  • Some may not write it down but its not because they dont know what they need to practice or want to get better at, but only because its now become a HABIT. Develop the habit of thinking, writing and acting on your goals and you’ll feel like a King.
  • Its not rocket science, just pick your top 3 goals and go for it. This should be EASY. The HARD part is doing this on a consistent basis for a long period of time.
  • You will feel like you are moving ahead with your practice sessions and not wasting your time like lots of guitar players out there. This feeling will gain momentum because YOU will be gaining momentum if you have some stick-to-itiveness.

Having trouble creating guitar goals?

If you do not know what type of goals you should be setting for yourself, consider taking guitar lessons with a guitar teacher. I am located here in my hometown of Miami, Florida.

I service all surrounding areas as well as Miami. I will be able to work with you to evaluate your current skills and then create attainable goals for you while working with you every step of the way to achieve them.


Quick Recap

This is what goals will do for you:

1.  You’ll become a better player.

2. They give you something to work toward.

3. They speed up the learning process.


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