21 Simple Little Victories that Will Boost Your Self Esteem (Writing a Gratitude List)


Usually at night I write 5 good things about my day. On this day though it just kept on coming.

If you haven’t started doing this. Now may be the best time ever. In fact, NOW, is probably the best time for anything.

I used to call it “5” – but now I write the word “victories” at the top. Its basically a Gratitude List. Here is one night in my journal, about a week ago…



  1. More flyers – over 5 thousand now. I pass out flyers for my music teaching business on a regular basis and just started not too long ago with a new goal. 100,000 flyers. Only 95k to go.
  2. Album mixing this week. Finally got to start mixing my album and spending some time on this aspect of being an artist.
  3. Worked on ebook. – Got some more pages written. The hard part is sitting down.
  4. Got my ebook cover under way. – submitted ideas to 2 designers.
  5. Researched ideas for my album cover. – Spoke to many different designers and now have an idea of what I want
  6. Wrote some new guitar riffs and recorded them. – This is usually the best part of my days. Where my creativity buzz is highest off of making actual music instead of learning a cover song.
  7. I vented. Told her how I felt.
  8. “No More Mr. Nice Guy” – book that Im listening to that has had a pretty big impact on me.
  9. Got some mentoring for my blog. – one of the best things I could have done.
  10. Back on the road with Uber and Lyft. – Before my accident I was just driving Uber. Now I’m with both companies.
  11. Possibly 2 more new music students. – I ended up getting both of them to sign up. One for guitar and the other for piano later that week.
  12. Eyedrops. – My eyes have been nasty dry lately and I was able to get some quality eyedrops for free from my eye doctor. Thanks Mr. Chin.
  13. Chilled out alone and realized some things about myself. It was a real deep meditation session that allowed me to see that there are some things that I really still need to work on.
  14. 2 Books Ive been reading about Mindset and Confidence. 
  15. Wrote 4 small compositions plus variations and 2 or more new guitar riffs in the past week. 
  16. My nephew. I have a blast with this kid. He lives with me and Im grateful for it. Everyday I get to mess around with him. He’s 5.
  17. Researched some affiliates. – products Id like to help sell.
  18. Dozer. My Sister’s dog who now also lives with us. He comes and sleeps on my bed and follows me around everywhere. He also jumps up at me when he sees me. He’s really excited to see me sometimes and I’m thinking, “damn, this dog likes me more than the people around me do.”
  19. Wrote 2 blog posts today and got them out there. 
  20. Had some traffic to my blog.
  21. Printed out a Beethoven score in full. “The Hunt.” For analysis. It felt good to hold an entire Beethoven piece of music in my hands. One day it’ll be my music that Im holding and that someone else is printing.

So you see…

Sometimes its the little victories that count while you make your way to bigger ones.


I encourage you to write down some of your victories (good things) about your day. it could be something like “As I walked out of my house the air was cool, the sun was in my face and it made me feel really good.” Or you could just write..”cool breeze this morning.”

Do it every day and you’ll see yourself a little happier each day. You’ll begin to appreciate the little things a little bit more than you may have been doing up until now.

If you’ve got some time now, do it right now. Why wait?