Sweep Picking Lessons

Remember when sweep picking that every note must sound on its own. NO NOTES MAY BLEED INTO ONE ANOTHER. If they do you are NOT sweeping. Go slow. Persevere.

You can do this for every major key by transposing. In the FUTURE we will go through all the keys. For now Learn one key. E major.

When you are working with 2 string arpeggios it seems counterintuitive at first. AS if 2 strings arent enough to sweep pick with. They totally are. Sweep picking is a technique used to (sweep) your pick across two or more strings. It doesn’t have to be three or four or five or six or seven or eight strings, t could be just 2. Start off with these and they will improve your sweep picking technique tenfold.

The first arpeggios we have here are in the key of E major. The E Major chord scale is as follows: E F#m G#m A B C#m D#dim E.

The first part of the PDF is just so that you get from Milyer with all of the arpeggios in the key of E major. The formula going up to scale in chords is major minor minor major major minor diminished.

In steps it’s W W H W W W H.

In this part we are simply sweep picking the first 2 notes. 2 Downstrokes are required down the first two strings. and the rest is alternate picking.

Here we go:

Sweep down on the second string and on the first ring then an upstroke on the first string, down stroke on the first string and another upstroke on the 2nd string.

You are now implementing the sweep picking technique because you are using 2 consecutive downstrokes in one motion (across strings 1 and 2).


On the 2nd part of the pdf where it says exercise we are going through the arpeggios twice.

When  I first started learning these I would do the same arpeggio hundreds of times so it’s probably a good idea that you do the same if you’ve never done this before so we picking is or becomes very easy once you’ve been doing it for a long time it’s a light consistent down stroke across two strings or more.


I still do the arpeggios when I’m learning something new 100 or more times if you actually sit there and do it you’ll notice that it really doesn’t take that long to do it 100 times it only takes less than a minute probably if you do it quickly. And your pic has to go in one consistent motion across the strings you cannot be too down strokes and I said down strokes before

2 String Arpeggios E Major

This is the key of E Minor mixed in with the augmented III+ chord from the Harmonic and Melodic Minor scales. Go slow and persevere. Feel free to take it to any key you like. As I said, in the future there will be a pdf layout with technical exercises in all the keys…for you to do BEFORE you start practicing songs. Sort of like a warm up on STEROIDS.

In this pdf the E and the G are first. We then mix that with the E and the B (power chord). We do this for all of the triads in this particular key. Try sweeping one chord individually and one at a time. Then and only then should you combine. Remember when you started learning chords? Its the same thing now. You gotta go slow and little by little cut down the time it takes you to change to another arpeggio cleanly. THe key word here is clean. Do you want every single note to be clean you do not want any bleed whatsoever


2 String Sweep Picking Arpeggios

This here is a lesson on 7th arpeggios in the key of G Major. This will give you very cool sounding licks. Keep coming back to this page as it will help you tremendously with sweep picking. I once did a 100 day sweep picking test and my sweep picking skills went through the roof.

3 Octave 7th Arpeggios

These are inversions of the SAME A Major arpeggio. This allows you to EXTEND a lick across the neck because some of these sweeps are very, very fast and they last like a second so inversions can give you a few more seconds of SHRED so you can extend your licks. Plus they sound amazing when you can do all of them.

3 Sting Major Arpeggio Inversions

Here is the same lesson but in A Minor. Learn them SLOWLY. No Metronome. Play them piano (very soft or softly). So that there is absolutely no irritating tension in your arms. You MUST be relaxed to sweep well just like a FIGHTER MUST be relaxed to fight well.

3 String Am Inversions


3 String Arpeggios - Major

Here are some 3 string sweeps in Root Position.

3 String Arpeggios Root Position

Some more 3 Stringers.

3 String Arpeggios

Key of G arpeggios across the neck.

3 String in G

More Inversions.

3 String Inversions

Minor Inversions.

3 String Minor Arpeggio Inversions

Neoclassical style sweeps.

3 String Neoclassical Sweep Exercise no tab
3 String Neoclassical Sweep Exercise

Pedal Point arpeggios.

3 String Pedal Point Arpeggios


Always practice hard. Always go in with an Ass Kicking Mentality.