Guitar Warmups

13 Ways to warmup before you really begin to practice your guitar.

This sounds like a lot and you may just want to pick a few or even one. Better yet, come up with one of your own. These that I use for myself are what works for me. Everyone is different and has different goals. So depending on your goals is the way you should warmup.

For example: If you’re about to play a gig then you can go over some song sections but then again if that causes anxiety do something totally different.

If you’re just playing at home for a hobby you can do a few minutes of ANY one of these and you’re good to go.

Just make sure you do it. Your time with your instrument will go much better as in much more enjoyable.

How to Warmup

You should always warm up on your guitar a few minutes before playing.

Longer if you are playing something difficult or at an advanced level.

Pick up your guitar and turn the metronome on. For 2-5 or 5-10 minutes do any or several or all of these exercises.

You should also play anything you are going to play at a slow speed. 60 bpm is a good start, then you take it up to your speed. Dont spend hours warming up you’d just be wasting your time. You want to get into something musical as quickly as possible.

Always apply what you learn to a song or solo...

List of Guitar Warmups

  1. Warmup #1 – Chromatic scale guitar exercise starting on string 6 ascending to the first string and then back down.
  2. Guitar Warmup #2 – Chromatic one string exercise.
  3. Numero 3. Warmup #3 – Arpeggiating a Diminished Chord then and then Descending an Augmented chord.
  4. Fingering the same Diminished Chord and Augmented Chord before the next beat.
  5. Power chord warmups in 4ths.
  6. 2 String Chromatic Runs.
  7. The 5 Pentatonic Shapes.
  8. Ascend a Mode and descend a 2nd mode of your choice.
  9. Ascend or Descend any scale of your choosing.
  10. Pentatonic 6 Note Sequence. Up 6 notes from string 6, then string 5 etc…
  11. Descend the Harmonic Minor Scale.
  12. 1 Octave scales ascending to the 9th degree and back.
  13. 4 Note sequence. Up 4 notes, then up 4 notes from the next note in the scale.


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